Memorial Day 2020

The 2020 Memorial Day edition of The Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter is dedicated to the newest soldiers in our nation’s defense. They are not soldiers who train for combat and travel to faraway lands to fight and die. They fight and die among us. These soldiers are doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, nurse’s aides, orderlies and those who clean hospitals over-run by a merciless enemy. Like soldiers in every American war, these modern-day warriors were forced to engage the enemy with poor intelligence, faulty equipment and civilian leaders who failed to provide them with the weapons needed to combat this merciless enemy. In short, they have come to know what Veterans have known for decades and that is our elected officials pay lip service to the needs of those who serve the American people. To those front-line health workers, emergency responders and those declared essential in this national crisis, welcome to the world of the Veteran where sacrifice, depression and suicide are facts of everyday life.  

Seven Days in May  

This article is a review of a film that debuted fifty-six (56) years ago. Like the film, this article too was written long ago, however, it was not written that long ago. It was written many years ago with the hope that it would never be posted. Unfortunately, the events of the past few years have left this Veteran feeling the time has come to warn the American people that the cancer destroying our nation can only be eradicated through drastic action.

The career politician and the two-party system have brought our Republic to its knees. With more and more debt as the only answer to the problems destroying our Republic, the career politician has worked tirelessly to keep Americans divided with the sole aim maintaining the status quo. As such, it pains this Veteran to write that the future of the last best hope of mankind may very well rest with the institution that gave birth to our Republic. It is coincidently the same institution that gave us a reason to create Memorial Day.   

Seven Days in May is based on a 1962 novel of the same name by Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey II. Directed by John Frankenheimer and the screenplay written by Rod Serling, Seven Days In May starred Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas and Fredric March. The film was released by Paramount Pictures on February 12, 1964 in Washington D.C. during a time when America was under-going rapid political, social, religious and economic changes.

Seven Days in May is a political thriller about the planned takeover of the United States government by senior military and political leaders in response to a recently negotiated disarmament treaty with the Soviet Union. The leader of the coup-d-etat was Army General James Mattoon Scott (Burt Lancaster) as Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The setting is 1974 and the Cold War is raging. The movie begins by focusing on U.S. President Jordan Lyman’s (Fredrick March) rationale behind a nuclear disarmament treaty recently entered into with the Soviet Union as well as the subsequent ratification process by the U.S. Senate. It is during the Senate’s ratification process that we are introduced to General Scott and the wave of protests across the country over the disarmament treaty. The movie depicts a very divided America not unlike the fractured society in which we now live.

Without delving into the plot’s twists and turns, it suffices to say that the ending saw good triumph over evil in that the plan was thwarted by the actions of Presidential aide Paul Girard played by famed character actor Martin Balsam and the military member who figured out what General Scott was planning. The officer who took his suspicions to the White House was Colonel “Jiggs” Casey played by Kirk Douglas. Combined with the quick actions of President Lyman and the determined efforts of a few men, the movie ended with the military-industrial complex defeated and America safe from tyranny. Unfortunately, the authors did not recognize that a more lethal threat to our Republic was just a few years away from seizing power. The authors were more concerned with a military coup that with the emergence of the career politician, which the Kennedy clan was already producing, and a society where money is the measure of all things; a reality far worse than what almost happened in Seven Days in May.  

As much as the movie tried to depict how a takeover by the military might occur, the fact remains that such a takeover is extremely unlikely if only because the men and women in uniform would resist such a takeover. Yet it was reported at the time that President Kennedy read Seven Days in May and believed the scenario in the book could occur in the United States. What he should have been worried about is what would happen if the gangsters who delivered the state of Illinois to the Democratic Party in 1960 took offense to his brother wanting to put them in prison.  A President can betray the American people, as many have done since 1963, but to betray men like those who could and did deliver Illinois to the Democratic Party in 1960 was a dangerous proposition indeed. It is also why Dallas was just another act in the criminal saga of Joseph Kennedy; an extraordinarily successful bootlegger and cold-blooded murderer who brought pain and misery to his family and our country.

The politics of 1965 America were beginning to see a change that would have devastating consequences for our country. The military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned Americans to beware of just a few years earlier was emerging as a villain to the far-left. Moreover, members of law enforcement were added to this equation as oppressors of the poor while returning Veterans, a part of the military-industrial complex, were shunned when they returned from Vietnam. A new domestic enemy was appearing more and more in the mainstream media and the far-left ate it up. Likewise, as the expansion of the welfare state was followed by government sanctioned discrimination in the form of Affirmative Action, the far-right was provided a villain that was stealing their jobs, increasing their taxes and moving America towards socialism. Now the far-right had its own domestic enemy with which to contend. As such, as non-whites and immigrants were becoming the political enemies of the far-right so too were conservatives and particularly white males becoming the enemy of the far-left. This is how the division of America began but not how it accelerated.

As the 1980s progressed, the fringe elements of both political parties began to entrench along well-established but false political narratives – poor Americans are looking for handouts and middle and upper-class white Americans are racists. As the failed social programs of the 1960s and 1970s became obvious, the far-left refused to accept that these programs failed because they were knee-jerk reactions rather than well-thought out ideas. Likewise, as the divide between the rich and the poor continued to expand, the far-right attributed this inequality to poor parenting and criminal behavior as opposed to economic policies premised on political expediency. Moreover, while middle class whites abandoned cities like Detroit for suburban life thereby exacerbating the problems of the inner cities, the far-left blamed the problems in our inner cities on racist policies as opposed to the failure of government to protect our industrial base from foreign governments corrupting our elected officials.

If it is true that the Director of Seven Days in May received encouragement and assistance from President Kennedy’s White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, it must follow that the same liberal establishment provided direction to Hollywood and the mainstream news media to fashion its message to support Democratic politicians and liberal causes. It must also follow that if the anti-war rallies of the 1960s and the burning of the American flag at those rallies convinced conservatives that liberals were anti-American, the conservative establishment began to craft its message in support of conservative and far-right politicians. The only problem is the far-right was decades behind the far-left in the manipulation of mainstream media. In short, liberals needed to be converted into enemies as opposed to political rivals and as such destroyed. To accomplish this goal, the far-right needed to create its own mass media movement where radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh would become wildly popular and Fox News, under the direction of the degenerate Roger Ailes, would fashion its message to appeal to the fringes of conservative America. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.     

Garbage in and garbage out is the new motto for the political education of the American people and CNN and Fox News are the primary vehicles used by highly paid talking-heads to push Americans into a political civil war. What is sad is that Americans are wholly ignorant of how they got here just as they are oblivious to the fact that our Republic is powerless to stop the criminal regimes in Russia and its army of cybercriminals and Saudi Arabia and its army of Islamic terrorists. As for China, these same bewildered Americans believe our government has the power and resources to counter China’s assault upon the world. It does not have the power to stop China because the career politicians desire to maintain the status quo has left America financially and politically bankrupt. The only question that remains unanswered is whether America become morally bankrupt as well.

Stay tuned to the 20th Anniversary edition of The Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter this July 4, 2020. The 20th anniversary of this Newsletter will see the launching of a new political movement – a movement taken from the pages of American history. In the meantime, please keep our soldiers, sailors, and airmen in your thoughts and prayers. Many will soon join the ranks of those we honor on this most special of days.    

Wish You Were Here

Twenty-two (22) years-ago this month, I lost a friend who was like a brother to me. Eric Goltz was a Detroit firefighter who died as a result of inhaling super-heated air during an accident fighting a fire in our hometown. Since that day, I have often thought of his sacrifice; a sacrifice that found him giving his life to put out a fire in a city abandoned by America. Still he did his job like so many firefighters do in Detroit every day and it cost him his life.

As I contemplated his sacrifice, I reflected on what I sacrificed for my country and my community. Besides my service in and out of uniform, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a brilliant idea that no one cared to understand while spending countless hours researching, writing and hunting pedophiles for a people that do not care about anything other than their favorite local restaurants and their cable TV. In 2006, I did abandon my campaign to rid Michigan of her pedophiles because it was clear to me that no one in Michigan cared what happened to other people’s children. They only care when it happens to their children but then it’s too late.

I believe without reservation that had the people of Michigan embraced my sacrifice and called for a Second Constitutional Convention and a real reformation of the federal government and the criminal justice system, as contained within the pages of Walking In Your Footsteps, we would today be enjoying a renaissance in government efficiency that would have recognized in early January 2020 the threat posed by the Corona Virus and prepared for the mass quarantine of every state where the virus was first detected. There would not have been shortages of PPE, test kits and the dead would be counted in the thousands not a hundred thousand and counting.  

It was my dream twenty-years ago that Michigan would be where the people recognized the truth of my words and spread the gospel of true reform throughout the Midwest and eventually the entire country. It was my dream that Californians and Michiganians would tell their neighbors about a book that proposed radical but well-thought plans and ideas to return America to the path of greatness; the path that freed men from bondage, ended child labor, brought monopolies to heal, gave women the vote and ended government sanctioned discrimination across the land. However, these are regrets the American people must live with as they watch their once promising Republic fade into history.

As I look back to July 4, 2000, I cannot help but regret the mistakes I made in carrying out the operations of the Missing Angels Legal Fund Inc. I also regret that I stopped hunting pedophiles wherever they lived and worked. Notwithstanding these regrets, there is one overriding regret that I have had since July 4, 2000 and that is Eric was not with me for this campaign. He would have enjoyed exposing pedophile priests on the altar. He would have eagerly volunteered to assist in breaking-up pedophile rings. However, what would have given him the most pleasure was how a few lawyers and a few more Missing Angels Legal Fund volunteers made an example of Bishop Kevin Britt.

As for me, I sat in a Kensington High Street pub in West London that May thinking not of the degenerate Kevin Britt or the pain he caused so many boys by protecting and transferring countless pedophile priests but of Eric. I drank pint after pint that day wishing for only one thing. The chance to again drive down Jefferson Avenue in Eric’s 1964 Ford Falcon listening to Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here like two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year, running over the same old ground and how we found the same old fears. How I wish you were here.