The May 2022 edition of The Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter is dedicated to all mothers no matter their age, race, national origin, creed, color, or economic status. Whether from America or the Ukraine, mothers have suffered at the hands of men since the dawn of our species. Unfortunately, the mothers of the Ukraine get to experience a kind of suffering other mothers are spared. For example, the mothers of Yemen, Ethiopia and Myanmar did not make CNN’s 24-hour “Breaking News” cycle as did Ukrainian mothers despite those mothers having watched their children die before their very eyes. They were afforded the opportunity to suffer without a CNN reporter asking them what it felt like to watch their children die before their very eyes. Only in the land of the free, home of the depraved can filming the suffering of mothers pass as breaking news. Congratulations CNN. In a world full of pain, suffering and men like Vladimir Putin you will never run out of free content.   

My Best Friend

May 1 or “May Day” as it is known around the world is celebrated in America as Law Day. Law Day is celebrated in Mass by many Catholics across the country. Religious and civic leaders gather to celebrate their support for the rule of law.  In fact, it was a cherished celebration for this Veteran’s mother and for her to have attended one such celebration with her “Officer of the Court” was one of the proudest days of her life. 

May Day is a celebration of the adherence to the rule of law that has made America a beacon of hope to countless souls around the world. Our system of laws and regulations coupled to our adherence to them is what enabled America to become the preeminent economic power in the world. Adherence to the rule of law was also what made America different from other nations, but those days are gone. We are no longer a nation of laws, but a nation of men who place themselves above the law.

Anyone who watches the “Breaking News” on CNN knows the rule of law is under attack worldwide. India is the largest democracy in the world, yet we see many within India’s government work to undermine the rule of law in order to promote hatred. In Pakistan, India’s mortal enemy and itself a large nuclear armed democracy, we see the rule of law challenged almost daily by those who wish to control Pakistan’s future. From Kashmir to the District of Columbia, we watch as those who work to manipulate the truth do so to avoid adhering to the rule of law.

What many in America do not understand is that the rule of law is what separates Bannana Republics from democratic nations. In Pakistan and India for example, the rule of law might be the single most important factor in preventing nuclear war between these bitter enemies. What should concern the world is how long can the forces of moderation control the tide of hatred flowing over India? Similarly, we should be concerned with how long the forces defending the rule of law in America can keep the enemies of democracy at bay.   

The benefits from adhering to the rule of law do not make CNN’s breaking news cycle so many Americans are ignorant to the value of living in a society where the rule of law matters. Yet, today, many Americans are confronted with the reality that they are living in a nation of men and not laws.  January 6, 2021 and its aftermath are just the latest examples of what living in America means today for many white Americans. For many “other” Americans this is not new. Minorities and the vulnerable, be they children, women, the mentally ill or the sick, have been living this reality since our nation was born. Notwithstanding this unfortunate fact, many minorities have benefited from the rule of law. President Johnson, a Texan no less, wanted to ensure the rule of law treated everyone the same no matter your color and he made it so. This was new in his day (1950s-60s) and the backlash he received is very similar to the backlash we see today as the supporters of the former fake President attack law enforcement in order to avoid ever having to adhere to the rule of law. If you doubt this assertion, please stand-by. Someone near you is planning to attack law enforcement because that is what appears to be what the former fake President likes.  

History has taught us when attacks on the rule of law are brazen and supported by a nation’s political elite, it is only a matter of time before the rule of law gives way to violence amongst the civilian population. Citizens acting in concert with others equally as misguided can pose a serious threat to peace and civility. Yet some men pose an even greater danger than others. Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, is one such man and the threat he poses to our Republic represents a clear and present danger to the United States Constitution.  

The recent revelations over U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife’s communications with the former fake President of the United States’ Chief of Staff before, before, during and after the insurrection of 6 January 2021 are unbelievable. The fact that these communications relate to the “stop the steal” campaign and were no doubt intended to prevent and/or obstruct the certification of the 2020 election is disturbing in the extreme. To make matters worse, it is now understood that there are at least 29 separate text messages from Virginia Thomas to the former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, during this fateful time. These texts reference conversations with her “best friend” and how they are “waiting for an army to stop the steal.” Army? What army? The US Army? Paid mercenaries from Russia?  These questions must be answered before it is too late.

These two love birds wanted to stop the peaceful transfer of power that is the hallmark of this Republic. These persons of privilege wanted to end a tradition started by President George Washington. President Washington wanted the world to see how a republic based on the rule of law functions. This tradition has been a shining example of what once made America a true republic. Today America offers the world not a majestic day in January where the levers of power in the most powerful nation on earth are voluntarily relinquished in accordance with the law but a narcissistic degenerate’s ill-conceived plan to prevent the peaceful transfer of power from a sitting President to a newly elected President. It proves just how far America has fallen from grace and for those who doubt this assertion, ask yourselves if you really think Mark Meadows cared what “Ginnie” Thomas wanted. Mark Meadows only wanted to know if a U.S. Supreme Court Justice thought preventing the certification amounted to Sedition.

Like the Rosenbergs before them, it is time that Clarence and Ginnie take their seats in the dock.  Those Americans who serve and have served their country demand to know the truth about which army they hoped would stop the certification of the 2020 General Election. To allow Sedition to go unpunished only invites more Sedition and if you doubt this assertion, please stand-by. There is a “patriot” near you planning to commit sedition in your name and how you respond will determine on which side of history you stand.

Open Letter to Ken Burns

This plea for help is written in the hope that a great American storyteller will finish his 1989 story on Congress. As much as Congress was a sentimental history of the Capitol building itself and the events that occurred in and around it, the story did not portray what is really happening in the “People’s House” or what the people’s representatives are doing outside it. America is on the fringe of open civil war with law enforcement the latest target and the truth about our elected officials in Washington D.C. must be told.   

What is really happening in the U.S. Congress is our elected officials are playing games that have all but destroyed the institution that is the U.S. Congress. What is really happening in Congress was not covered in your film of the same name yet the events occurring now started even before 1998. In 1998, your film was presented as a nostalgic journey through the colorful characters that once occupied seats in Congress. If that was your intention, you succeeded in telling only half the story. It is the other half of the story that needs to be told and it needs to be told now. The American people need to know the rest of the story because the rest of the story is about how money, dark or otherwise, corrupted the legislative process to such a degree that the Legislative branch no longer functions as the U.S. Constitution intended it to function. In other words, the men and women in Congress have destroyed the ability of our federal government to function while simultaneously tearing at the fabric of our society in the pursuit of money to secure their re-election.

The kooky rascals you portrayed in Congress have given way to hateful bigots on the far-right like Marjorie Taylor-Green who twist the truth to support their lies. Likewise, elitists like former President and Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton sold our government to the highest bidder while the they and the far-left turned a blind eye to the rapid increases in black men and boys being incarcerated for what the Clintonites were doing in their free time. Those silly rascals of your Congress might have been bigoted, but they would never have permitted a President like the former fake President of the United States to get away with his disgraceful conduct while in office.

In an effort to assist, this fan of many years offers a few ideas for Congress II. What about finishing Congress in the same way you finished Vietnam? Give the American people the whole truth about the “pay-to-play” game that has destroyed the Legislative branch just as you told the truth about that tragic and avoidable war. What about finishing Congress just like you finished The Central Park Five. How about continuing your examination of the “bosses” and the influence of men like Thomas Reed and Joseph Cannon by adding to that list men like Tom Delay and Dennis Hastert and self-promoters like John Conyers and Dan Rostenkowski.  Please let the American reflect on the actions of those cooky characters along with more popular characters like the senile senior senator from the land of legalized larceny or the self-promoting Goldman Sachs disciple from the lonely star state. She is a disgrace wandering the halls of Congress like an infant and he is a disgrace because the truth means nothing to this spineless opportunist. Tell their stories to the American people and maybe just maybe the real cancer in Washington D.C will be cleansed from our body politic by the people our government was created to serve.


The leak of a draft decision in a case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court was without precedence in 200 years of American jurisprudence. It serves as yet another reminder of just how fast the rule of law is disappearing in America. The draft decision that was leaked appeared to over-rule the long-held precedent of Roe v Wade. We later would learn it did just that.

What seems lost in the discussion of this “leak” is not who had access to the draft opinion, but who had the most to gain from releasing it.  This Officer of the Court asserts that no clerk or staff member of the Court released this document. It was released by one of the nine members of the court.

This Officer of the Court offers what it knows about one suspect. For example, we know the allegations made against this suspect when he was nominated to the court.  We know this suspect has his own brand of jurisprudence and is often offended when that brand is challenged. We know that this suspect wants attention drawn away from his actions leading up to and including 6 January 2021. Therefore, is it not reasonable to assume Justice Clarence Thomas is the leading suspect in what appears to be an effort to both show the Chief Justice there is nothing he can do to censor or punish this great man as well as draw attention away from Congress’ investigation into his role in the insurrection of 6 January 2021?