The January 7, 2024 Christmas (Orthodox) edition of The Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter is dedicated to the children who call the historic lands of the Palestinian people home. Whether identified as the “Gaza Strip” or the “West Bank”, the little ones of Palestine are born perfect, however, they must endure the cruelty, greed and wickedness of the adults around them. Unfortunately, the little ones dying in Gaza and the West Bank are no different than the little ones in Ukraine, South Sudan, Myanmar and so many other places where the wickedness of men brings misery to the little ones Jesus charged us to protect. 

Children as a Weapon of War  

Cyber attacks, drones and the filming of horribly violent crimes are just a few of the weapons of war that technology has given us. However, the almost real time viewing of bombing sites minutes after the explosions and the delivery of those images to children around the world is unprecedented. Technology and adults have made it possible for children to watch other children being killed in faraway lands. As such, it is no coincidence that the newest weapon used in Hamas’ version of asymmetric warfare relates to children. Dead children.  

It is clear from all reports that Hamas has operated in a fashion that guarantees thousands and thousands of dead civilians. Hamas’ leaders knew if they hoped to ignite global public opinion against Israel and the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinian people, they would need not only tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians killed but thousands and thousands of children killed as well. This is the reality of war in the 21st century and the American people are not prepared for it. 

The reader will wonder why Hamas wants Palestinian children killed in the thousands and the answer is simple. Hamas measures success in this war on the number of Palestinian children killed. The greater the number of children killed by Israeli planes, missiles, bombs, and bullets the greater the outrage at Israel in general and Jews in particular will be. Hamas and its Arab supporters do not hope to win concessions from Israel. They hope to ignite violence against Jews around the world and escalate the Hamas-Israeli conflict throughout the Middle East while praying to Allah that individuals across the globe join their anti-Israeli jihad and either take to the streets in protest of Israeli policies as they are doing across the world or martyr themselves. It is the latter prayer that is keeping US and UK intelligence services up at night. It should also be what keeps us awake at night because Hamas’ attack on Israel three months ago had been planned for years by many and is only now unfolding. 

To those who doubt that dead children constitute a new weapon in asymmetric warfare, this article poses the following questions. Who would have guessed that dead Palestinian children would jeopardize the success of a sitting US President’s re-election bid? Or, that Hamas, as vile an organization as one can imagine, would be capable of igniting anti-Israeli sentiment worldwide to the point students across the world are demanding Israel end the injustices inflicted upon the Palestinian people. If those questions do not make you think about the impact of ten thousand dead children, maybe it is because you are clairvoyant and predicted that Hamas would use its own population as sacrificial lambs in its war against Israel and in turn Israel would respond by killing the same population indiscriminately with the bombs and missiles we gave them. Unbelievable as that sounds, it is the reality confronting the American people. 

What is not unbelievable is that our governments, both state and federal, have performed so poorly at keeping American women and children safe that it is criminal to spend billions of dollars to keep women and children safe in another country. Abysmal is the word that best describes how our state and federal legislators have performed when the issue is fixing a hopelessly broken criminal justice system that is tearing at the fabric of our society, not some distant land. It is because of this reality of American life that it is absurd to think Congress would waste billions of dollars to accomplish in Israel and the Palestinian territories what it cannot accomplish at home. It might be true that America can do both but the fact is America is doing neither. 

Straight to Hell 

Shortly after the posting of the September 2023 edition of this Newsletter, information surfaced that the Sodomite of St. Jude, Roger Felix Joseph, 78, had died “a few months earlier.” It seemed he had finally met his maker on what was surely a non-stop journey straight to hell. How he fooled so many boys into thinking sex with him was “OK” was criminal but how he used his money to prevent his victims from disclosing the vile abuse he was inflicting upon them was diabolical. Yet it was not his criminal behavior that marked St. Jude different from most other Catholic schools. Pedophiles like him can be found everywhere. What marks St. Jude as different from other Catholic parishes is the fact that so many knew what he was doing but said nothing. As vile a human being as Roger Feliz Joseph was, those who enabled him, comforted him, and profited from him while remaining silent about what he was doing are a part of his story and one that must be told. 

Since the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News dropped the ball in early 2001 when they had unfettered access to this victim of the Sodomite of St. Jude, these two papers should investigate not only how so many knew what he was doing and said nothing but also why there was no notice of his death posted. A longtime Grosse Pointe, MI resident and a member of a prominent local Arab-American family; a family whose Patriarch appears to have raised two pedophiles, the Sodomite and his brother were known to countless Michiganians, no one said a thing. Yes, the Sodomite of St. Jude’s brother was dismissed from another Archdiocese of Detroit school for inappropriate behavior with minors yet the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News saw no need to report that fact. Fear of the Catholic Church made them abandon not only their profession but His little ones. 

The Michigan Catholic, as well as the two major daily newspapers, seemed to have forgotten what the Sodomite of St. Jude did to young boys and how so many are suffering for those crimes. To this victim of the Sodomite of St. Jude, it was disappointing that the Detroit Free Press sent a Michigan High School sports reporter just out of community college to question the man who finally exposed him about the Sodomite of St. Jude, this website and Walking In Your Footsteps. All he could think to ask was whether this victim was aware that the Sodomite of St. Jude had denied the allegations contained in the book and this Newsletter.  It was as if they could not bury the story fast enough. 

Knowing what the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News knew in 2001 but failed to act, the time has come for the editors of both major Detroit daily papers to piece together the story of a wealthy pedophile who escaped justice due to a corrupt system of justice, friends at the highest level of the Archdiocese of Detroit and live a life where he was enabled to continue his predatory ways. So if you want to know the truth about the Sodomite of St. Jude and his enablers write The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press and demand they set the record straight. Painting a picture of how a wealthy pedohile lives after being exposed will make informative reading even for the Michiganians who couldn’t care less about what happens to other people’s children.