The July 4, 2020 edition of The Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter is dedicated to His little ones. In America, His little ones remain at the bottom of our nation’s priorities. Since the birth of this Newsletter twenty (20) years ago, this Veteran has witnessed every conceivable special interest in America’s growing list of special interests place itself above the child. Even the transgender community now occupies of place of greater political importance at the table of political expediency. In what reality does the right of a person to choose the bathroom of his or her choice take precedence over the right of the child not to be used as a political pawn in our obscene culture war? It is the same reality that now finds white men and women proclaiming that being forced to wear a facemask to protect others during a pandemic equates to an infringement of their constitutional rights. To know that these self-absorbed Americans believe their right to infect the parents and grandparents of His little ones thus leaving those Jesus loves above all others without the parents and grandparents to love and care for them sickens this Veteran to no end. You are a disgrace and an affront to Jesus Christ.  

To those self-absorbed, greedy, and indifferent adults who believe their segment of the population is the group most discriminated against in America, this Veteran is sorry to disappoint you but your special class of aggrieved adults is not the most discriminated group in America. If there was a group of adults who might claim to be the most abused segment of American society it would be women. Yet, despite the increase in abuse currently being inflicted upon women across our land of the free, home of the depraved, women too must take a back seat to the most abused among us: children. Children represent the most abused and neglected segment of American society and have been since the abolishment of slavery. Until we, as a nation, place the child first on our nation’s list of priorities, we, as a nation, will continue our rapid descent into oblivion.   

A Second Constitutional Convention by Any Means Possible

In the history of the United States, martial law has been declared by the President in just a few instances. These instances include declaring martial law in Hawaii after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and during the Battle of New Orleans where newly promoted Major General Andrew Jackson, now viewed by many as a racist who needs to be removed from our common history, began the task of assembling an army which consisted of Tennessee and Kentucky frontiersmen, Louisiana militia, New Orleans businessmen, Free Men of Color, Choctaw Indians, pirates, sailors, Marines and other assorted troops to defeat the British.

Martial law has also been imposed after major disasters like the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. It was clear at that time law and order could not be maintained by the civil authorities. Martial law was also declared in San Francisco in 1934 in response to the protests and riots during the “West Coast waterfront strikes” and of course in Montgomery, Alabama, following the mob actions against the Freedom Riders. In short, martial law can and has been declared to address problems beyond the ability of local and state governments to control. The question this article poses is whether Martial law can be declared to address the cancer that has grown from within the Legislative branch and is fast spreading throughout our body politic. Since we know the career politician reach has now reached our city and state government, it only follows that this cancer is beyond the ability of local and state governments to eradicate. How we eradicate this cancer is not just the question of the day, it is the question of our lives.   

Since history shows us that martial law can serve a legitimate purpose, the question this article poses, and we must answer, is whether martial law can be utilized today to save our Republic and countless American lives being lost in this Pandemic due to an impotent government response. Although there is no threat of foreign invasion as in 1941, there is a more serious threat to the U.S Constitution facing us today. That threat is the career politician and the “pay-to-play” politics that career politicians have used to turn the Unites States Congress into an institution for sale to the highest bidder. It is hard to imagine a domestic enemy more dangerous to the U.S. Constitution than our elected members of Congress selling our heritage and the future of our children and grandchildren to the highest bidder.

In order to address how martial law could be utilized to suspend operations of the Legislative branch while the President of the United States and/or our military leaders coordinated the Second Constitutional Convention, it is imperative the American people first understand that our federal legislators are not functioning as the U.S. Constitution intended the Legislative branch of government to function. In the service of corporate interests, foreign interests and the wealthiest Americans, Congress has become an institution incapable of addressing the common defense and the general welfare of most United States citizens. As such, it is imperative that conservatives, liberals, libertarians, and environmentalists come together to recognize that Congress has abandoned its role of passing laws that will address the major problems facing the American people. Instead, it works to divide America for the sake of maintaining the status quo, which left unchecked will destroy America.

In an effort to explain how martial law could occur without disrupting the economy, obstructing the operations of state and local governments, interfering with the workings of the Judicial and Executive branches of the federal government or otherwise impacting the daily life of American citizens, it is necessary to briefly address how this targeted application of martial law would impact life in the United States. As such, this article shall address the three primary impacts this limited application of martial law will have on American life. These are not the only impacts, but they do provide a basic understanding of how martial law might be the last chance to save the last and best hope of mankind.

The three primary impacts of declaring martial law and suspending operations of the Legislative branch of the federal government will be those relating to the actual Convention itself, the impact on the operations of state governments and the effects martial law will have on the operations of the Judicial and Executive branches of the federal government. Since there is no need to discuss who would appoint the delegates to the Convention or how the Convention would be organized and funded because those details are explained in Walking In Your Footsteps, the one book no career politician wants Americans to read. For our purposes today, there are only two other areas of daily life that need to be addressed should the Legislative branch fall under military lockdown. They are the functioning of state governments during Martial law, the funding of federal agencies and programs during martial law and the impact of martial law will have on non-legislative governmental functions to weigh the impact martial law will have on the Writ of Habitus Corpus.

Since the functioning of state governments without federal subsidies and grants and the funding of federal agencies without congressional appropriations are far more complicated issues than can be explained in this plea for action, it is necessary to at least offer a brief overview of how martial law will affect these aspects of government. State governments will be impacted far less than one might imagine in the absence of federal dollars because these dollars are not real. They are obligations we leave our children to pay. We must correct our financial house so we can once again return to America’s rightful place in the world – as a beacon of hope for al global citizens who seek guidance on holding their Kings, Queens and dictators responsible for their crimes. One example of the impact a suspension of congressional operations will have on the states is that relating to unfunded federal mandates as they are called. It is time for the states to reclaim their intended role as arbitrator of what is in the best interests of health and safety of the American people. 

The first and most immediate impact of fewer federal dollars coming to the states will be those programs that are the recipients of federal subsidies. Although there are numerous types of federal subsidies, as the career politician never ceases to extend its reach into the lives of Americans, there are seven (7) types of federal subsidies. The two most important of these subsidies are welfare and unemployment subsidies or payments. Both subsidies are playing key roles in assisting Americans today to make ends meet. They are forms of assistance that should not be suspended.

The remaining five (5) can be identified as those relating to export subsidies (an export subsidy is when the government provides financial support to companies for the purpose of exporting certain goods), Agricultural subsidies, oil subsidies, housing subsidies, and of course healthcare subsidies. Apart from healthcare subsidies, the above referenced forms of assistance must be immediately suspended unless and until they are determined to be critical to the national well-being or general welfare, it will be reinstated (provided those funds exist). We must end the mentality that we, as a nation, can simply print more money to solve our nation’s problems. It is time we look to existing sources of revenue within our nation rather than borrow against the future of our children. Moreover, is it time we re-evaluate to which country we sell our debt. Countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia, and many European nations are America’s closest and most valued allies and we should continue to open our economies to them. As for our enemies, such as China, North Korea, Russia, and a few nations in the Middle East, we need to begin to distance our economies from their economies. The coming struggle between democracies or liberal economies and the totalitarian regimes like China, Russia, North Korea and those countries that align with them, will eventually result in a complete severing of all ties. As such, we need to begin to prepare for the future now. 

The most profound impact from a cessation to federal appropriations will be those relating to the operations of the Judicial and Executive branches of the federal government. Since the impact on the Judicial branch will be discussed in more detail below, the impacts on the Executive branch will be addressed now. Since the primary power of Congress lies in the power of the purse or the funding of federal operations, it will fall upon the Executive branch in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to act in the place of Congress until the Convention concludes with the Constitution amended to reflect the realities of today,  and new federal elections can occur. Since Congress has not passed a single law that improved the majority of American lives since the creation of NASA and the establishment of the Affordable Care Act, there will be almost no impact on our daily life when Congress is furloughed. The utter failure of a divided Congress has made the power to legislate all but useless. It is time we furlough Congress. 

As for the funding of federal agencies, the Secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security, State, Transportation, Energy and Treasury along with the Attorney General will coordinate the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to regulate federal spending and to create a plan written by the Secretary of the Treasury to reduce both non-discretionary expenditures and the cancellation of debt owed to Russia and China. They have taken enough from the American taxpayer. As for Congress, it has robbed the Social Security Trust Fund for decades and yet no career politician has blinked an eye. It is time to also inquire how career politicians, who came to Washington D.C to serve the public good, left Washington D. C. millionaires many times over.

The impact on the Judicial branch of the federal government outside the funding of the Judicial branch, which must not be suspended, is that relating to the Writ of Habeas Corpus. Article 1, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution states, “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.” The paramount question the American people need to answer is whether the conduct of the United States Congress over the past fifty years has threatened the very rights provided them under the U.S. Constitution. If, as the U.S. Constitution requires, the people of the United States regard the division that members of congress have sown across our land as a clear and present danger to the safety of the American people and their rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, then they have a right to alter or abolish that which is threatening their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is their constitutional right to change their government and it is the United States Armed Forces duty to assist them.

As the Supreme Court has noted, one of the keys to martial law is the closing of our court system. Since our current criminal justice system already imprisons the innocent without trial by requiring cash bail the court knows they cannot pay, the Writ of Habeas Corpus is a fantasy to thousands of American citizens because they cannot pay the $1000.00 fine to get out of jail, let alone afford an attorney to file said writ in their local federal courthouse. This sacred right of the people to demand that the government produce the body of a person before a court of law is nothing more than a fantasy except of course to the wealthiest and most educated Americans.

The Writ of Habeas Corpus is in the end only a right to a hearing for unlawful imprisonment, or more precisely, the supervision of law enforcement by the judiciary to ensure citizens are not incarcerated unjustly. It is safe to say that the judiciary has failed miserably to supervise law enforcement to ensure citizens are not incarcerated for being poor. In fact, one might even go so far as to assert the judiciary of the states, which is separate and distinct from the Judicial branch of the federal government, is partly responsible for the systematic abuse of American citizens by law enforcement especially those Americans without the means to defend against these abuses.

In conclusion, it must be noted that the decision to declare martial law by the President has at its core the understanding that the U.S. Military has sworn an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The enemy we face today is not the enemy of our past. This enemy will cloak itself in the flag while working to divide us. This enemy proclaims itself a Patriot but works to enrich itself at the cost of many. Maybe most confusing of all is that when we recognize this enemy, we realize that the enemy is us. If we, the people, do not eradicate our petty political differences and eliminate our elected officials’ indifference to the plight of our children, we will cease being the nation so many fought and died to preserve. We will cease to be the last best hope of mankind and instead become a nation like China or Russia where might makes right and the freedom of speech and religion often comes with a death sentence.

The Meaning of Sacrifice

July 4, 2000 was a lifetime ago. The bubble was bursting, Americans were thinking the digital age and the internet might not live up to the hype surrounding their creation and this Veteran was full of hope that Americans would see the truth in his words and embrace the child as America’s number one priority. In fact, the internet was so new that when the Missing Angels Legal Fund Inc. was incorporated and this website spreading the word of real reform on the new world wide web, many Americans needed to go to their local libraries to gain access to the internet. I recall receiving many letters from many Michiganders inquiring how they could access

When the first iteration of The Meaning of Sacrifice was posted twenty years ago, it was intended to warn the American people that if they were not willing to make the necessary sacrifices to change the status quo, the status quo would be changed for them. It was the hope of this Veteran in 2000 that the previous two years work, which cumulated in the self-publication of Walking In Your Footsteps, would put the American people on notice that their nation was disintegrating before their very eyes and there existed a blue print to save it. Walking In Your Footsteps was this Veteran’s effort to prove how the career politician is working to divide America for the sake of re-election. In fact, the book dedicated a chapter to the complete reformation of the federal government and the convening of a Second Constitutional Convention; a convention free from the presence of the career politician and dedicated to the removal of “pay-to-play” politics from our Republic.

It was not, however, the prescient nature of Chapter 2, This Land is Your Land, that should have made those who read the book realize that its value was not just in proving how critical the need is to reform the federal government and change campaign finance laws. On the contrary, the book was and is a blueprint to change our society a whole. Chapter 3, Hell is for Children, laid out in great detail the abject failure of the American criminal justice system to protect the vulnerable and hold the guilty accountable, In fact, our “pay-to-avoid justice” system of criminal justice is nothing more than a system of oppression and manipulation by the rich that is actually waging war on the poor. To argue that it is not a form of cruel and unusual punishment to imprison the poor and downtrodden for weeks solely because they are not able to pay traffic violations of $500.00 that soon thereafter morph into $2500 as a result of additional fees and penalties is to embrace the predatory nature of the American criminal justice system. 

Yet it was the chapter’s plea to the American people that their justice system was embracing injustice and that this injustice was dividing our country along racial, ethnic, and economic lines that made that chapter prescient. Hell is for Children was a warning to the American people that their system of justice was driving America towards civil war. Yes, it was twenty years ago today that this Veteran was forecasting a civil war that is now playing out in our streets. With that said, this angry, abused, and frustrated Veteran sends this last warning to the American people. Unless and until the polices, plans and ideas contained within the pages of Walking In Your Footsteps are implemented, the result will be the end of the last best hope of mankind. We will become just another Banana Republic where the ruling elite use the armed forces to quell dissent and silence the majority by any means possible.

Twenty years ago, the most important book no one has read was self-published in the hope this day would never come. We are a nation that is $25 trillion in debt with 47 million Americans unemployed. We are in the grip of a pandemic that will probably kill over 200,00 Americans before the year’s end and still we, as a nation, fail to realize that it is the career politician and the “pay-to-play” politics that has brought our country to its knees. I can offer no better evidence of the federal government’s need for radical reformation than the dead and dying all around us. If, however, my brothers and sisters in uniform and those Americans aware of the threats posed by our enemies need more evidence that the time for decisive action is upon us, I offer the following article that leads this Veteran to believe that a cold war with China and its surrogates will be far more protracted if the career politician is allowed to maintain the status quo.

                                     Think we have military primacy over China? Think again.

                            By David Ignatius May 12, 2020 New York Times

Here’s a fact that ought to startle every American who assumes that because we spend nearly $1 trillion each year on defense, we have primacy over our emerging rival, China. “Over the past decade, in U.S. war games against China, the United States has a nearly perfect record: We have lost almost every single time.”

That’s a quote from a new book called “The Kill Chain: Defending America in the Future of High-Tech Warfare,” the most provocative critique of U.S. defense policy I’ve read in years. It’s written by Christian Brose, former staff director of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a close adviser to late senator John McCain (R-Ariz.). The book isn’t just a wake-up call, it’s a fire alarm in the night.

Brose explains a terrible truth about war with China: Our spy and communications satellites would immediately be disabled; our forward bases in Guam and Japan would be “inundated” by precise missiles; our aircraft carriers would have to sail away from China to escape attack; our F-35 fighter jets couldn’t reach their targets because the refueling tankers they need would be shot down.

“Many U.S. forces would be rendered deaf, dumb and blind,” writes Brose. We have become so vulnerable, he argues because we’ve lost sight of the essential requirement of military power — the “kill chain” of his title — which means seeing threats and taking quick, decisive action to stop them.

How did this happen? It wasn’t an intelligence failure, or a malign Pentagon and Congress, or lack of money, or insufficient technological prowess. No, it was simply bureaucratic inertia compounded by entrenched interests. The Pentagon is good at doing what it did yesterday, and Congress insists on precisely that. We have been so busy buffing our legacy systems that, as Brose writes, “the United States got ambushed by the future.”

We should reflect on America’s vulnerability now, when the world is on lockdown and we have a chance to reassess. A new world will emerge after the global coronavirus pandemic, one in which China is clearly determined to challenge the United States as a global power. The propaganda wars over the origin of the novel virus that causes covid-19 are just a warm-up for the tests that are ahead.

China’s military isn’t focused on projecting power, as ours is, but instead on preventing U.S. domination. Rather than match our fleets of carriers and squadrons of jets around the world, Beijing developed precision weapons to prevent the United States from mobilizing these forces. An example is the DF-21, the world’s first ballistic anti-ship missile, which Brose says is known as “the carrier killer.”

The Pentagon wants to confront the Chinese challenge, but it insists on keeping the same vulnerable, wildly expensive platforms at the center of the United States’ military power. And Congress demands adherence to this status quo. When then-Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and then-Navy Secretary Richard Spencer tried to retire an aircraft carrier in 2019, Congress refused. Expensive fighter jets have a lobby, too. As Brose notes: “There is a reason why parts of the F-35 are built in every state in America. . . . It is political expediency.”

When the Pentagon tries to innovate, it’s too hidebound to maneuver and adapt. A classic example is the Army’s $18 billion misadventure known as “Future Combat Systems,” which was supposed to coordinate modern weapons but turned out to be less agile than a Sony PlayStation.

Brose argues that it’s time for a radical rethink. Rather than building weapons for an outmoded strategy of projecting power, we should instead be arming ourselves in an effort to “deny China military dominance.” That means many cheap, autonomous weapons at the edge of the perimeter, rather than a few exquisite ones that are vulnerable to attack.

These smart systems exist: The Air Force’s unmanned XQ-58A, known as the “Valkyrie,” is nearly as capable as a fighter but costs about 45 times less than an F-35; the Navy’s Extra-Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle, known as the “Orca,” is 300 times less costly than a $3.2 billion Virginia-class attack submarine. But these robots don’t have a lobby to rival the giant defense contractors.

Brose envisions a military version of the “Internet of things” — smart systems at the outer edges of our defenses which can blunt China’s dominance without breaking the budget or risking all-or-nothing confrontations. “We have the money, the technological base, and the human talent,” he writes. What we lack is the will to change.

The question for Americans to ponder, in Brose’s simple formulation, is “how the future can win.” We have a window of time now, thanks to our enforced lockdown, to do some creative thinking about defense. It would be foolish to enter a new, post-pandemic world with the same old hardware.