The August 2, 2018 edition of The Status Quo: An Electric Newsletter is dedicated to the memory of Dan Pruett. A friend and co-worker since 2014, Dan was a Veteran and dedicated U.S. Army civilian who worked many years at the Sierra Army Depot before his death this summer. Dan worked in the Resource Management division – a division managed by none other than the liar and crook Robert M. Sanders. Dan knew well the character of Bob Sanders just as he knew how fraudulent accounting schemes were responsible for the surprising and suspect levels of revenue generated over the past 10 years. Despite his efforts to raise red flags, Bob was always there to dismiss his findings and belittle him. Bob Sanders is what is wrong with the US Army but at every turn senior leaders protected him until he could not be protected anymore. Isn’t that so Bob?

Thank you, Dan, for making sure I understood how their accounting scam worked. Thank you, Dan, for supporting me when the degenerates, thieves and racists at Sierra Army Depot attacked me for speaking the truth. Most of all, thank you for bringing honor and decency to the most repressive work environment in the army. Stay tuned to the September 11, 2018 edition of this Newsletter to read all about handicapped contractors brutalized for fun, a sexual assault covered-up by the predator’s supervisor and incredible as it might seem hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars wasted and no one in law enforcement seems to care and no one in a position to discipline those who wasted these taxpayer dollars will lift a finger to punish those responsible. And you wonder why sexual assaults and harassment continue unbated. The swamp is not just in Washington DC. It is found everywhere men like Don Olson are permitted to do whatever they want whenever they want to do it. Isn’t that so Rhonda?

The New World Order

On August 2, 1990, the Iraqi army invaded Kuwait claiming Kuwait was threatening Iraq’s economic existence by overproducing oil and driving down prices on the world market. An Iraqi military government under the control of Saddam Hussein was installed in Kuwait. Shortly thereafter, Iraq annexed Kuwait. Saddam reasoned that since Kuwait was historically part of Iraq, it was only logical that it be annexed. The Saudi Princes were wetting their panties in fear that Saddam was coming for their precious oil. The result of this annexation and the Saudi Princes refusal to fight  was Operation Desert Shield, the massive coalition buildup in 1990-91, and of course the 100-hour war against Iraq, Operation Desert Storm in 1991. I was a brand-new Lieutenant in the US Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps that morning 28 years ago. I was serving as the Staff Duty Officer at the front desk of the Regiment’s Headquarters in Charlottesville, VA when senior army leaders began arriving en mass. Little did I know how that day would change my life and the life of our nation. Little did I realize that August 2, 1990 would accelerate the end of the existing world order.   

Following the Second World War, a new world order had emerged. It was an order that found two Super Powers dominating the globe. However, this new order did not contain equal Superpowers. The world was indeed dividing fast between two Superpowers, but these superpowers were not equal. The United States accounted for approximately 60% of the world’s gross domestic product in 1945, held mastery of the Atlantic and Pacific sea-lanes and controlled the world’s financial markets unlike any nation state in history. The Soviet Union controlled only that which it took by brutal force. Indeed, a great opportunity was placed before America but unfortunately for so many innocent souls, America was confronted with an aggressive and murderous Soviet Union bent on spreading its form of Authoritarian socialism across the globe just as China is now doing with money rather than the sword.

The Cold War began in earnest in 1948/49 following America’s heroic efforts during the Berlin Airlift of 1948 and the Soviet Union’s detonation of a Hydrogen bomb (RDS-1) in 1949. As President Truman’s Administration gave way to the Administration of President Eisenhower, the US found itself confronted with the task of defending Europe and Asia against a Russian foreign policy that consisted of insurgency, revolution and murder. As American corporations sought to expand their economic interests like every nation state has done since Portugal sent its seafarers across the globe in the 15th century, these corporations were confronted with foreign governments being besieged by communist insurgencies, as was the case in southeast Asia, and growing insurgencies in Latin America where brutal dictators responded to threats to their authority with the Soviet style tactics of torture and murder. Since it was clear that the Soviet Union (and now China) wanted to seize for itself the economic benefits gained from exploiting the natural resources and labor of less developed countries, the result was a Cold War that turned hot in places like Guatemala in the 1950s and Indonesia and Vietnam in the 1960s.   

When the Cold War was suspended in 1989/90, it was primarily due to the authoritarian nature of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party’s policies that crushed the spirit of those who fell under its control and doomed it to bankruptcy. The denial of a person’s right to free speech and freedom of religion are the basic tools authoritarian regimes use to remain in power. Why do you think the Soviet Union always supported regimes that began their rule by executing community leaders starting with university professors, teachers, authors, artists and those who value and support free expression and public debate?  Why do you think China implements the same policies at home? Please read Josh Rogin’s timely and informative article posted today in The Washington Post. The article presents a clear picture of the world under Chinese rule.  

As for the nation states that comprise this new world order, it consists of three very powerful countries that today are orbiting around the sun that is China. Russia, Turkey, Iran and their surrogates have embraced China and it’s economic and military support for different reasons, yet they are coalescing into one extremely formidable force that cannot be defeated by America alone. The motivations behind these countries reasons for embracing China are beyond the scope of this article. What is not beyond the scope of this article is the warning it holds for the world. China poses a grave threat to free speech, freedom of religion, free association and free trade and unless China is contained, and its aggressive foreign policy is checked, the result will be a war that just might end all wars and the species that wages them. 

The Common Defense

As promised, this newsletter will highlight a section of Walking In Your Footsteps that is as relevant today as it was when the first edition appeared in 2000.  Since a major theme of the book is the reformation of the federal government, it follows that the federal government’s role in securing our common defense be examined in detail. As such, we must begin by looking to the document that formed the legal framework for our national government. As a former Officer in the U.S. Army, I swore and oath to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, just as every Veteran did when he entered active duty. The Preamble to that sacred document is as follows:

     We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

These words were not intended as simply an introduction to the document that would give birth to our republic. These words were intended to educate the people to what the Founding Fathers envisioned would be a central government; one with very specific but limited powers co-existing within a union of sovereign states with very broad or general powers. What Walking In Your Footsteps did was go beyond just a detailed examination of the federal government’s failure to provide for the common defense and general welfare. A third subsection was added to Chapter 2 and was titled Space Exploration. Hopefully one day soon the ideas contained within those pages will be recognized for the truth they represent for our nation’s fall from grace is accelerating rapidly.   

Much has been written lately about the creation of a “Space Force.” The Washington Post (Post) recently reported that President Trump directed that a Space Force be created within the Department of Defense. The Post further reported that this force would constitute a sixth branch of the Armed Forces of the United States. Sixth branch of the armed forces? In hearing this most confusing assertion, it dawned on me that the American media still does not understand that the United States Marine Corps is the amphibious force of the United States Navy. As for the US Coast Guard, it is not a part of the Department of Defense. It started as an entity under the direction of the Department of Treasury until it was made part of the Department of Transportation only later made part of the Department of Homeland Security. The Post went on to report that President Trump wanted the “Space Force” to be equal to that of the three branches of the US Armed Forces and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would be directed to see to its creation. It is about time that a Commander-n-Chief recognized the importance of space as a battleground in our nation’s defense. Indeed, the time has come for the American people to take control of Space. If we allow the Chinese to control space, which they will do, America will become just another nation state orbiting around the sun that is the People’s Republic of China. The following excerpt from Walking In Your Footsteps should serve as the starting point for a discussion on the formation of a new armed service closely linked to the U.S. Air Force:  

“This new Department will pick up where President Kennedy’s dream left off. It will bring to America the benefits that space has to offer – from improved air travel to national security. Currently, the United States Air Force has cognizance over our Unified Space Command. However, in its fiscal year 2000 appropriations, Congress created the Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Management and Organization (Space Management). Space Management, from what I have been able to ascertain, is tasked with assessing:

  1. Whether an independent armed service should be created alongside the Army, Navy and Air Force with the mission of exploring space
  2. How well current inter-agency coordination exists with respect to issues involving space
  3. How best to use existing assets to support America’s national security
  4. Whether an Assistant Secretary of Defense position should be created to address the issues surrounding space and national security

These are important issues to be sure. However, there are other issues of equal or greater importance involving the commercial use of space and how America may best profit from this use. Yes, I do mean profit. Just like the Portuguese who profited from their mastery of the sea, so too should America gain power and wealth through its mastery of space.

I believe it is at this point in the discussion that the reader must understand the distinction between “white” versus “black” space. White space is that use of space that does not relate to the intelligence gathering aspects of national security. Black space is that use of space that does involve our nation’s intelligence gathering capabilities. In other words, space is another field upon which our national security is tested. For this reason alone, we must stop relegating NASA to its current underfunded, understaffed, and underappreciated status. The status quo must end at NASA. It is a matter of life and death. Therefore, I offer as the starting point of reformation at NASA the job of improving the efficiency of the federal government in its use of both “white” and “black” space. Once these programs are funded in accordance with their importance and the “right” personnel are hired to do the job, the differences between “white” space and “black” space will be less pronounced and our ability to master space improved.

A perfect example of the relationship between the two and the potential for commercial use is the GPS tracking system currently used by millions of Americans in many facets of their lives. Twenty years ago, people laughed at the money spent by the federal government to develop this satellite guidance system. No one is laughing today. A few examples of the future use of advancements in space technology will be space-based travel (Tokyo to London in three hours) and the development of space-based radar systems that will revolutionize many different industries, including aviation. In an effort to address national security concerns, this new Department must contain a special section that works closely with the United States Air Force. For this reason, I do not believe America needs another armed service. It is only logical that the United States Air Force be the armed service responsible for securing the heavens. It was the United States Air Force that put us there in the first place.”

Although so much has occurred since July 4, 2000, one thing that has not occurred is the US mastery of Space. Each passing year brings the Chinese and Russians closer to dominating space and cyberspace at the expense of our national security. This failure of our elected officials ranks near the top of a very long list of failures. Money is what drives our elected officials’ every decision and the promotion of our common defense has suffered for it. 

Post Script: 

This week the American people lost America’s most effective warrior in the battle to stop terrorists. Michael A. Sheehan, 63, died earlier this week in Bethesda, MD from cancer. Mr.. Sheehan’s military service included distinction with the U.S. Army’s Special Forces; a unit where distinction means something different than the distinction our elected officials pass out to career politicians like so much candy. It was his service in Latin America some 30 years ago that solidified his reputation as a counter-terrorism expert and in his own words a “door kicker.”

Since that time it is no exaggeration to write that Mr. Sheehan had become America’s most effective warrior in the fight to keep Americans safe in a world growing angrier with America. It was, however, his criticism of the invasion of Iraq as the wrong approach to combating Al Qaeda that Mr. Sheehan made me realize that combating terror was a job for the CIA/NSC, diplomats, special operations like himself and the FBI. Large scale military operations like those undertaken in 2003 and the trillions of dollars wasted on security contractors and increasing an already bloated federal bureaucracy was the wrong approach to defeating terrorists. It is no coincidence that he resigned from federal service in 2003. I believe that those in charge of keeping New York City safe from another attack will agree that the federal government’s loss was the residents of New York’s gain. His vision of how America should combat terrorism grows more prescient everyday . Fortunately for the American people, his vision was passed on to future army leaders in his final years at his Alma Mater – The United States Military Academy at West Point.  Let us hope it becomes policy before the Neo-con returns and we once again go to war for Israel or Saudi Arabia’s sake.

I have never thanked anyone for their service to our country because I never expected nor wanted to be thanked for my service. In the case of Mr. Sheehan, I must change that practice. Thank you, Michael. Your ideas and vision of the future have awakened a generation of US Army leaders, active, reserve and civilian, to the reality that the status quo in Washington D.C. cannot continue forever.