The Easter 2020 edition of The Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter is dedicated to the countless souls around the world suffering as a result of man’s indifference and neglect of the world God gave us to protect. As the evidence continues to mount that governments across the globe have failed in their most important duty, which is to provide for the welfare of their citizens, the question is will the people of the world hold those in power accountable. Will the months and years that follow this 21st century plague result in a re-birth of the ideas of Karl Marx and revolution or see the re-emergence of fascism and the bigotry, hatred and violence that accompanies that plague? 

There is however another path Americans and the world can take. It is the path shown us by the One whose life, death and resurrection changed the world. It is a path that begins with neighbor helping neighbor and communities caring for the least among us. It is a path that finds each of us contributing what we can where we can in order to re-build our economy and our lives. Once we have overcome this plague, which we must never forget was brought to us by a nation-state indifferent to life, we must unite under the banner of the child. Only when we are united in a single cause will we have the power to reform a political process that has brought our Republic to its knees.

For Sale to the Highest Bidder II

As Americans contemplate the future on the day Christians celebrate the Messiah, they must understand that our government’s response to this plague has proven two undeniable facts. The first is the pay-to-play politics that have ruled Washington D.C. for decades is destroying the very fabric of our society. It has turned us against one another playing on our fears and our ignorance. It has created celebrities of the very politicians who divide us to secure re-election. It is what made NBA players heroes and nurses and soldiers expendable like yesterdays paper. The second undeniable fact is that China is a serious threat to the survival of our species.

The first of these undeniable facts has been a topic this Newsletter had addressed since 4 July 2000. As such, there is no need to once again demonstrate just how harmful pay-to-play politics has been to our Republic. The evidence is all around us in the form of dead and dying Americans from New York to Seattle, WA. As for the second of these undeniable facts, it is necessary to examine just how dangerous the Chinese government has become to the health and safety of us all. This examination will entail facts surrounding how this virus came into existence and how the Chinese government responded to its discovery. It will also entail an examination of Chinese aggression both militarily and economically around the world.   

According to numerous sources, the Chinese Government knew of this plague but worked to keep it secret even imprisoning the Doctors and journalists who reported it. Moreover, it has been reported through various news agencies that leaked government documents prove that the Chinese government provided the World Health Organization with false and misleading information regarding both the number of reported cases as well as the number of dead. This should not be surprising considering what occurred after the Tiananmen Square massacre or that the Chinese government’s policy of infanticide resulted in the murder of countless baby girls for decades. Americans need to turn off the nonsense on Facebook and Tweeter and start reading about the greatest threat to our way of life. The New York Times and The Washington Post are excellent places to start. Your local bookstore should be your next stop.

China’s response to discovering this virus is itself a message to the world. Life is meaningless to the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. As such, this plague must be forever known as the Wuhan Flu. No matter what the apologists of the liberal left tweet to the contrary, COVID-19 must be identified as the Wuhan Flu so we never forget how it came into existence and to what extent the communists tried to keep it a secret from the world. One needs only Google “Wuhan Wet Market” to understand who is at fault for many of the world’s most deadly viruses.  

With respect to Chinese aggression, the Department of Defense has been monitoring for years China’s economic expansion in Asia and Africa as well as its military expansion in the South China Sea. The economic expansion in Asia and Africa is unlike the economic aid US and European countries have provided Asia and Africa over the past 50 years. China’s economic aid is just the first assault in its war to dominate Asia and Africa. As for the rest of the world, it has demonstrated nothing but contempt. 

The countries in Africa and Asia who have welcomed China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” are now regretting such decisions. Once these countries have become dependent on Chinese economic aid, it is difficult if not impossible to disengage from a program that was always intended to expand China’s influence in poor countries. This program was never intended to benefit these poor, less developed nations. The program’s intent is to steal the natural resources of these countries while simultaneously forcing them through low interest “loans” and economic integration to become forever within the Chinese sphere of interest. For those familiar with the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation,they will no doubt remember the Borg. China is our planet’s Borg. It does not just pose a threat to the freedoms of speech and association; it is an existential threat to the world.

April in Michigan

Spring has always been a time for celebration in Michigan. Opening Day at Tiger Stadium was a tradition this Veteran embraced with zeal. April is also a time to anticipate the joys of summer and reflect upon the passing of another harsh winter. However, this Easter and Spring are unlike any Michiganders have ever experienced. The virus currently ravaging Michigan has made this day anything but a celebration of life for Michiganders. It can, however, be a time of re-birth if the people of Michigan wake from their carbohydrate induced slumber. For twenty-years, the answer to their problems has been right in front of their eyes; delivered to them by one of their own sons.

What Americans have yet to learn is that Michigan and Detroit are a microcosm of America. The once valued jobs of the auto industry are just one example of the jobs to be transferred outside the U.S. The textile industry was soon to follow as was the steel industry and the manufacturing sector. Why buy a Westinghouse or General Electric appliance when the Japanese and Koreans made them cheaper? Why buy toys from Mattel or your local toymaker when China can deliver plastic toys for pennies on the dollar? The answer is simple.  In a nation where money is the measure of all things, American productivity was thrown away like yesterday’s paper and the workers who filled those factories along with it.

Yet all is not lost. The global Pandemic provides the American people with an opportunity to witness in real time just how inefficient and wasteful their government has become. As they watch their economy brought to its knees by the very men and women who have for decades sold it to the highest bidder, they must make a choice: continued division and mounting debt or embrace the blue print contained within the passages of Walking In Your Footsteps. The ideas contained within its pages were not the product of some liberal or conservative think-tank. The blueprint for the reformation of the federal government was not produced by a politician from either party. The logic behind the transformation of the criminal justice system was not written by some elitist from Harvard. Walking In Your Footsteps was written by a Veteran who saw the future and wanted to change it. Now that same Veteran is witnessing that future come to pass before our very eyes.

As Americans wake this most special of days, they must understand that life in Detroit provides a glimpse into their future. Abandoned by the policies and programs of career politicians from both parties, the citizens of Detroit both black and white have faced the failures of government with only each other for help. So if the American people want to see for themselves what the future holds, this former Detroiter who lived through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s offers a glimpse into the past so every American will know what their future holds. In a society where mass shootings are becoming the norm and the wealthy escape to their Long Island estates to avoid the plague, America is following in the footsteps of Detroit. Therefore, let the article below be a warning to America that if they do not change the status quo in Washington D.C., they too will come to know what it is like to welcome Spring as Detroiter’s did in 1974.    

April in Detroit Is Murder

By William K. Stevens, April 28, 1974 (New York Times Archives)

DETROIT—If you live in Detroit, you have a better than 2,000 to 1 chance of not being killed by one of your fellow citizens, though the, odds vary slightly depending on where in the city you live. Optimists searching for perspective in the statistics of murder here insist those odds are, pretty good.

But in a culture that likes to think of itself as civilized, not many see it that way. Most people tend to gasp when they first hear about the seeming abandon with which Detroiters, kill each other. And not without justification.

There have been 76 killings in Detroit so far this month, equaling last September’s record high, and it is certain that Bloody April will become the most lethal month in the history of the city, even in the history of big‐city America. April’s homicide rate is about half again as high as the two‐death‐a‐day pace that produced a record. 751 killings here last year and earned “Motor City” a second, unwelcomed, nickname: “Murder Capital, U.S.A.”

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Detroit’s murder and manslaughter rate for 1973 was 44.5 killings for every 100,000 people. Second place Cleveland’s rate was 36.9, and New York City’s, 21.5. The 10‐city average, based on 1970 census figures, was 25.0.

The numbers raise a natural question: Why? There are many informed theories, but few proofs. The most chilling, perhaps, and the hardest to prove, is simply that a moral climate has developed here in which human life is held less precious than it used to be.

Others say it is the general turmoil of the age, the frustration that comes with rapid change, rising but frustrated expectations, and, in Detroit’s case, the added factor of living in a tough factory town where whole neighborhoods have been wiped out by riot and urban development.

Police analysts of case after case reveals a classic pattern. A “spark,” an argument, perhaps, sets off a time‐bomb of aggression, and someone kills a relative or acquaintance. The largest single class of homicides last year, 44 per cent, was of this kind. More than half of the 1973 killings took place in homes, and in nearly three‐quarters of them, killer and victim were related or acquainted.

Some who have studied the problem feel the Detroit situation is aggravated by the large influx of migrants from the “middle” part of the Deep South. Rural folk have grown up in a gun‐ridden, violence prone culture in which killing, sometimes, is a legitimate way of solving arguments. Most of these migrants are black. So are 80 or cent of Detroit’s homicide victims, and so are 85 per cent of those accused of doing the killing.

There is little doubt that the “wars” of the drug underworld contribute to the situation. They were directly responsible for 84 of last year’s deaths, says the homicide bureau, and they are blamed for many of the sensational “execution style” multiple murders that grab the headlines.

Enforcing the Laws.

Finally, there are the handguns, a staggering 500,000 of them, by some estimates; or one for about every three people in the city. More than half of 1973’s killers used them. Some observers believe the 1967 riot brought the proliferation of pistols, and, in fact, the upsurge, in killings dates approximately from then.

An outright ban on handguns and the enactment of a Federal law controlling their interstate transportation and sale, is the most obvious and frequently touted measure for reducing the homicide rate. Mayor Coleman A. Young, however, believes the Michigan laws that require gun registration and prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons, would be enough, if properly enforced.

Critics say that “getting away with it” has become too easy, that today’s killers stand a good chance of, escaping detection or beating the rap. Some blame the courts, and some blame ineffectual prosecution. Now a third of Detroit’s homicides never get to court. As recently as 1967, 90 per cent were successfully prosecuted.

Mayor Young and some police officials call this symptomatic of a breakdown in communication, and confidence between the public and the police. Citizen cooperation is essential in both preventing crime and catching criminals, they say, but too many citizens, particularly black citizens, distrust, fear and therefore shut out the police.

The Mayor is setting up a series of polite “ministations” at the neighborhood level. The hope is that they will establish a day‐to‐day atmosphere inviting, friendly and helpful enough to eliminate the distrust, in time.

Some police officials say they are looking to defuse some of the potentially murderous situations that develop through the establishment of neighborhood “crisis prevention centers,” in cooperation with other social agencies. But this project is not yet underway.

There remains the nagging suspicion that homicide here is a fixed way of life; that while killing may be reduced, it is essentially an insurmountable problem that will change, if at all, only as society changes.