Who We Are

Who are Supporters of the Missing Angels Militia?

The supporters of the Missing Angels movement are men and women who know the failure of government continues unabated. The supporters of the Missing Angels Militia have learned through years of personal observation that many of those who occupy the judicial, legislative and executive branches of our national government place party before equality and justice and are disgusted by it. Many also know their central government will never convene a Second Constitutional Convention. To do so would be to promote citizen involvement in the renewal of our central government and that is not what the career politician desires. Complacency is what the career politician craves and convening a Second Constitutional Convention is not an example of complacent people. It is, however, a perfect description of the American people.
Missing Angels’ supporters have one core belief. This belief is what motivates us to change the status quo in America. This belief can be summed-up in just a few words: the child represents the future and therefore must be cherished and protected at all costs. It is a belief that understands that the child represents the future of not only our decaying Republic but our species. It is a belief that stands for the principle that when decisions of policy are made they must be made with the understanding that what is best for the child is best for our country. Only when we have united our communities, our cities and our states under the banner of the child will we have a chance to defeat the career politician and change the status quo in America.

If it was possible to produce a blueprint for how we should organize, multiple and engage the career politician, it would be posted here. Instead, what is offered at http://www.missingangels.com for the past twenty (20) years is the life’s work of one angry Veteran who wants change in Washington D.C. as much as any American. It is my hope that you will read my words and know they represent the truth. Or you will read my words and offer a better path to change. Unfortunately for the American people, the past twenty years have been filled with shallow ideas offered by career politicians in the name of political expediency.

How then shall a Militia without the need for firearms or money make changing the status quo possible? I do not know the answer to this question but I am sure a change to the status quo in Washington D.C. must begin soon because our nation does not have another twenty years to fiddle while California burns and Washington D.C. drives the American economy into bankruptcy.
We know from history that General Washington had the support of about 25% of the Colonists when he took command of the Continental Army. If only we had General Washington to turn to for leadership in our national struggle to defeat cancer that has been destroying on our Republic for two generations. If we did, there is no doubt that he would urge us to rally around him and eradicate the career politician through a Second Constitutional Convention and create binding campaign finance reform that would be written into our Constitution. He would then urge us to engage pedophilia and the serial rapist as if they too were cancer. Through a complete reformation of the American criminal justice system, which can only be accomplished through the efforts of men and women reforming the federal government at the Second Constitutional Convention, can we, the People, bring change to America. Hope does not bring change. The only action brings change. Wouldn’t you agree?