The Thanksgiving Day 2023 edition of The Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter is dedicated to the Veterans who understand that it is time to abandon the two-party system and embrace a movement of independent candidates. Since we swore an oath that does not expire when we take off the uniform, we are duty bound to defend the U.S. Constitution. As such, it is time every Veteran acknowledges there exists a clear and present danger to the U.S. Constitution. This threat to the U.S. Constitution is the U.S. Congress.  

Americans For Independents 

The Legislative branch of the federal government has brought America to its knees. Where Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Al Qaeda failed, the U.S. Congress has succeeded. We are a divided nation and there is no plan to unite us thanks to Congress. $33 trillion in debt and there is no plan to address the mounting debt thanks to Congress. Illegal immigrants pouring across our border and there is no plan to address this national security crisis thanks to Congress. Failing schools and a national infrastructure on the brink of collapse and there is no idea how to fix either of these national crises thanks to Congress. No wonder Congress cannot even agree to a budget to fund the federal government as required by the law it enacted. 

Like great empires before it, the demise of the great American experiment was not caused by an external enemy but from an enemy within. The corrupting influence of money on the political process coupled with the sole political objective of securing re-election by both political parties has created the joke that is the U.S. Congress. The circus that is the U.S. Congress would be laughable if it were not for two undeniable facts. First, Congress has bankrupted our nation in the name of political expediency leaving the next generation a debt they cannot pay. Second, Congress has made national security a partisan political issue where denying or blocking the other party’s programs or policies passes as governance. One example should convince every Veteran that this Veteran speaks the truth. The Republican Party supports our country’s mortal enemy, the vile Russian dictator, because Democrats support Ukraine. Congress does not serve the American people. It serves itself.  

It is time we acknowledge that the two-party system and the corrupting influence of money in all phases of campaign finance presents a clear and present danger to the American experiment in republican government. With that said, this Veteran is offering a solution to arrest the demise of this republic. The solution involves creating a true grassroots movement of supporters dedicated to electing independent candidates to replace the career politicians who rule Washington like overlords crushing any independent voice who seeks to change the status quo. The core constituency of this “Americans for Independents” movement must be America’s Veterans. We know the value of sacrifice just as we know the mission is what unites us and today that mission is to save the republic. We number in the millions, and we can reach out to millions more and once we build a base from which to expand beyond Military City, USA, we can begin to recruit America’s first responders, health care professionals, teachers and every other sensible American who understands that the time has come to change the status quo in Washington D.C.  

As each of us watches the spectacle that is the U.S. Congress, we must understand that the most corrupt government in the world is not one in sub-Saharan Africa or Central America. These nations are too poor and lack any history of democratic government to make a difference in the world. The most corrupt government in the world is the one that could be making a real difference at home and in the world but instead embraces the status quo as the motivating force behind its decision-making process. Therefore, let us give thanks on this day that we are the second from last line of defense for the U.S. Constitution. The first line of defense is of course the U.S. Armed forces but based upon what we know about its leaders, Veterans may be the last line of defense.  

When I Look at the World  

The final frontier of the struggle for human and civil rights is not the LGBTQ+ community. Not by a longshot. Neither is the most discriminated segment of society found in black or brown communities. Again, not even close. In fact, not even women can claim to be the most abused and discriminated against segment of society. However, they are a close second. The honor of being the most abused and neglected segment of society belongs to children. The children found in the freezers of adults being paid to care for other people’s children hold this honor. The hundreds of thousands of children raped by Catholic priests and told to live with it hold this honor. And of course, the millions of children who have vanished into the basements of depraved pedophiles and sadists hold this honor.  

This last honor is why the Missing Angels Legal Fund Inc. (Fund) was created in 2001. The Fund presented America’s Adults with the chance to use the civil courts and the new World Wide Web to do what the criminal courts are incapable of doing: exposing and holding accountable pedophiles if only economically. Instead, America’s adults decided paying lip service to protecting children was how they preferred to demonstrate their commitment to keeping children safe. For what it is worth, the first Defendant of the Fund’s operations plead guilty to sexually assaulting two very young girls (5 and 6 years old) and the American criminal justice system made him pay a heavy price: a small fine and probation. The second Defendant of the Fund’s operations presented the American people and the Macomb County Prosecutor (2002) with a sexual predator who raped countless young girls. Yet the people of Michigan and their elected officials could not have cared less. Years later the Sheriff and others in Macomb County law enforcement would learn just how depraved Donnie Ray Reams was and how the Fund delivered him on a platter only to be ignored. This explains why the Fund’s third and fourth “cases” were processed outside the courthouse and to some outside the law.  

Rather than focus on the indifference of the people of Michigan to the safety of their children, let us instead examine how societies around the world pay lip service to protecting children. We know how the media reports the statistics relating to the number of dead in any mass shooting, war crime or natural disaster. The number of dead is always announced as a total number and then the number of children dead is reported. This distinction between adults and children can only be understood as an effort to single out children as being different from adults. This distinction can lead one to believe that children are somehow more important than adults. Of course, this is nonsense. The number of children killed in contrast to the total number killed whether in Gaza, Kyiv, Yemen, or the latest mass shooting in the United States is just another example of the lip service adults pay to preserving and protecting children. It is simply meaningless to make such a differentiation when none is made when children are beaten, raped, and murdered.  Those who victimize children are treated in the same fashion as the Wall Street swindler or the common thief.   

What this Newsletter has been advocating since July 4, 2000, is the need to treat those who harm children differently from other criminals. This Newsletter has asserted for decades that there are more studies than can be cited here that document the problem of measuring as well as holding accountable those who commit crimes against children. That problem being the victims are either extremely hesitant to report the crime or are simply incapable of reporting the crime. In the case of 5 and 6-year-old girls, they are NOT capable of reporting they were raped by their stepfather, uncle, brother, or anyone else. Yet our impotent system of justice regards children as the reason law enforcement cannot accurately measure the number of crimes against children and/or why prosecutors have such difficulties obtaining convictions. 

We know there are a myriad of organizations, governmental and non-governmental, who work to prevent child abuse in all their ugly forms. Many of the government’s better funded law enforcement agencies are staffed with the most professional law enforcement agents in the land yet they all acknowledge that the horror of child abuse is impossible to stop since the reporting of these crimes falls completely on children. This very acknowledgment evinces a cowardice that confounds this child sex abuse survivor. If Americans treated child abusers like we treat Americans who tweet or otherwise communicate alleged antisemitic, anti-homosexual, or anti-transgender messages by judging them guilty without the chance to be heard, we would at least demonstrate a determination to hold child abusers accountable. It is no exaggeration to write in 2023 a perceived antisemitic tweet is punished more severely than first time child abusers. We do not give malicious tweeters a second chance, but we allow child abusers many bites at the apple.  

Today we know that no member of the Democratic Party will advocate for the execution of serial rapists, pedophiles, and violent child abusers because they know liberal elites especially in the media and academia will label them extremists while proclaiming the death penalty does not work. We know that law-and-order conservatives will also never advocate for the execution of serial rapists, pedophiles, and violent child abusers because they too will be labeled as extremists.  Knowing that our governments are incapable of protecting America’s women and children is nothing new. From the eastside of Detroit in the 1970s to San Antonio today, the evidence of the abject failure of our elected officials to protect the most vulnerable is all around us. Coincidently, so is the solution to preventing so many children from disappearing and so many women from being raped. The solution is not to blame women and children for not providing the evidence to convict these monsters. The solution is whenever we catch them, we make sure they never get the chance to do it again.