The 2024 Ramadan edition of the Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter is dedicated to the children of greater Palestine. Despite this Newsletter urging President Obama in 2012 to recognize the State of Palestine in an effort to both compel Israel to honor its legal obligations dating back to 1967 and strengthen the hand of moderate Palestinians, the fact remains he chose the benefits of not opposing the Israeli lobby over the rule of law. Instead of the Palestinian Authority (PA) being recognized by the United States thus giving the PA a chance to remove Hamas as a viable voice in greater Palestine, President Obama’s decision to leave office without standing up to Israel allowed the current Prime Minister of Israel to begin playing Hamas off against the PA thus weakening the PA. As for why the current Prime Minister would want to aid Hamas, the answer is simple. He knew that a weakened and embattled PA would be impotent to stop Israel from continuing its illegal seizures of Palestinian land. The expansion of Israeli settlements is just one of the many violations of international law committed by the government of Israel. It is not, however, the most egregious.  

What we see transpiring in Gaza today is the result of well laid plans of Likud and Hamas dating back years. Unfortunately for the children of Palestine, the Likud Party and the religious fanatics in Shin Bet and Mossad have implemented plans for the Palestinian people and their land that date back decades while Hamas’ plans for Israel date back only a few years. And if the past few months have proven anything, it is that the racists in Israel’s national security infrastructure are only too happy to see the Palestinian people pushed into Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and if necessary the Mediterranean Sea.  As for Hamas, the past few months seem to indicate the start of the Third Intifada. The question that can only be answered in time is whether the Third Intifada will be more successful than the first two Intifadas.  As for the “Pro-Palestine” supporters across the world who continue to chant “from the river to the sea”, they might want to reflect on how successful the first and second Intifadas were for the Palestinian people. If they do reflect upon the historical record, they might realize that “from the river to the sea” might turn out to mean there will be no Palestinains living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and that will mean disaster for the world.  

The Status Quo (revisited) 

From July 4, 2000 to June 14, 2018, the Status Quo posted articles here that changed the status quo for many victims of sexual abuse in MI and CA. Countless pedophile priests were exposed in these pages (and during mass) while the career politician was identified and his crimes exposed for all Americans to see. The Status Quo never shied away from speaking truth to power and often posted articles with the intention of educating the American people to the twin scourges facing the American people: the pedophile and the career politician. And this Newsletter did so even when the American people couldn’t have cared less about what was happening in the world around them. They better start caring because that world is descending upon them.  

An Unholy Alliance (originally posted September 30, 2015)

Not since Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia agreed to partition Poland into two spheres of influence has there been a more unholy alliance than that of Israel and Saudi Arabia. When Hitler and Stalin agreed to extinguish the Polish state in 1939, they did so because they understood the dynamics of Realpolitik – a German word most attributed to the political philosophy of Prussian Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck. 

Realpolitik is a political philosophy based on practical or realistic terms rather than any moral or ethical terms.  Realpolitik embraces necessity and practicality as opposed to wisdom and morality as the cornerstone of a nation’s foreign policy. Examples of Realpolitik can be found all across the centuries. From the US Government’s policies toward Native and African Americans to the Chinese policy of infanticide of its baby girls, Realpolitik has caused more human suffering than any government policy short of war. The abandonment of policies developed through reasoned thought and intelligent debate do not lead to sound policy decisions. Realpolitik is bad policy that leads to bad decisions. It is also another reason why limited but efficient government is the answer to many problems facing humanity. 

With a thorough understanding of Chancellor Bismarck’s political skills, the Status Quo can think of no better term to describe the Israeli – Saudi intelligence services alliance. This unholy alliance works to keep the Palestinian people in a Middle East version of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Jewish State well versed in the latest threat to Israel. Courtesy of two theocracies – a Jewish state controlled by right-wing Zionists and a Muslim state controlled by right wing Wahhabis, this unholy alliance embraces Realpolitik with ruthless abandonment. To those who do not understand what is happening in the Middle East because you are too busy living life in chaotic America of 2015, the Status Quo is pleased to offer a short primer on Realpolitik throughout the Gaza Strip, along the West Bank, and inside the temples and mosques of Jerusalem and Mecca. 

Long before the Status Quo joined the Arab-Jewish struggle some 25 years ago, there has existed a relatively small number very influential Zionists, who form the core of Israel’s intelligence elite, who have worked hand-in-hand with grotesquely wealthy Saudi Princes to ensure that the Palestinian people are subjugated to a life of servitude under the Israeli occupation. To those who believe the occupation is about Israeli security, the Status Quo begs that you consider another reason for the never ending occupation. As long as the people of Palestine remain prisoners on their own land, the greater will be the cry for the liberation of the Palestinian people.  As long as the Palestinian cause is preached in the Mosques of the Middle East as the reason for jihad, the heretical regime in Saudi Arabia remains safe from militant Muslims. 

In exchange for maintaining the “Palestinian Cause” throughout the Arab world, Mossad is provided valuable information by Saudi intelligence on existing and emerging threats to Israel in the Arab world. In fact, it is no exaggeration to assert that Saudi intelligence has provided more useful intelligence on Hamas operations and leadership than Mossad has obtained through electronic surveillance. How in awe Bismarck must be as he strolls through the forests of Valhalla wondering how Mossad convinced the Saudi Princes they were not serving the interests of Zionism?  

It is sickening to know that Saudi Arabia’s holy men are paid handsomely to preach death to America. It is nauseating to know the Saudi Princes finance men who have dedicated their lives to killing Americans – brothers and sisters of the Status Quo. Still the question that confounds the Status Quo is why Mossad believes this alliance serves Israel’s best interests. The Status Quo knows why the Princes embrace immorality as a foreign policy. It’s the only policy that allows them to dismiss the guilt that comes from knowing that so many living so close live in fear and hunger while they spend $10,000.00 on a pair of shoes they wear only once. 

Notwithstanding Mossad’s proven capability, it confounds the Status Quo that the men and women of Israeli intelligence believe that the growing international animosity toward the government of Israel is in their best interest.  Merging the hatred of anti-Semitism with the anger generated in many Europeans and Americans by the illegal and immoral policies of Israel is a dangerous possibility. It is simply an undeniable fact that many educated, intelligent and inquisitive Americans are angered by an illegal occupation that prevents the freedom of movement by checkpoint, limits Palestinian commerce in order to foster the illegal expansion of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land. There is no substitute for a homeland. This is what is so puzzling. As the Status Quo once told a prominent member of Baltimore’s Jewish community, the growing anti-Israeli sentiment spreading across Europe, America and Asia is far more dangerous than the anti-Semitism of old Europe and America. If anti-Semitic views find common ground with those who hold anti-Israeli opinions and do so for political gain, the end result must be worse than abiding by the “Land for Peace” agreement Jews made with Arabs in 1967. 

As for the people of the Arabian Desert, the Status Quo offers a lesson taken from your daily news. The Status Quo requests that you read what the Saudi Health Minister, Khalid al-Falih, said about the “possibility” that it was not the heretical domestic policies of the Saudi family that caused the tragic stampede that turned Mecca into a killing field. It is imperative that the citizens of Saudi Arabia know this bureaucrat had the nerve to declare that maybe the “pilgrims who didn’t follow the guidelines and instructions issued by the responsible authorities” were not the cause of the stampede. No pilgrims from Iran, Nigeria, America or Malaysia are to blame for the incredible loss of life in Mecca’s latest stampede. No outside interest killed Muslims as they prayed to Allah in the heart of Islam. What caused the crane to collapse on the Grand Mosque also caused the stampede that killed a thousand innocent people while they were fulfilling a commitment to their faith.  So many loving fathers, mothers, sons and daughters lead to the slaughter by a domestic policy rooted in greed and a foreign policy that runs contrary to that which makes Muslims devoted servants of Allah. 


The 9 years since the above article was posted have brought changes in world opinion that few envisioned. Having criticized the policies of Israel dating back to the Second Intifada while remaining a strong supporter of the State of Israel, this writer could never have imagined that the role Israel plays in global affairs as well as its acceptance amongst the nations of the world would come under siege as it is today. With the exception of its policies toward the Palestinian people, the State of Israel had been accepted by the majority of nations outside the Middle East because Israel embraced democracy, contributed to disaster relief around the world, welcomed the world to her holy sites and fostered free enterprise. That was yesterday. 

Today Israel no longer fosters democracy and free enterprise. It continues to enslave the Palestinian people and over the past 5 months has killed them with such wanton disregard for human life that an argument can be made that Israel is committing Genocide. Moreover, Israel exports invasive technologies used by countless dictators to suppress their people while also exporting to the highest bidder (think Harvey Wienstein and his ilk) criminals posing as security consultants but paid to destroy innocent lives to include murder. This is the Israel so many in the world now see and the result is Israel’s place in the world is changing and changing fast. And if Israelis do not wake up to this fact, they will not have to worry about hearing chants like “from the river to the sea” by college students on 12-hour hunger strikes. Instead they need to worry that the world will be chanting “Next Year in Jerusalem.”   

A New Dimension to an Old Problem

The chaotic situation at our southern border is alarming. With the exception of Mexico, no country in the world allows more people to enter its territory illegally and then allows them to stay indefinitely. It is a recipe for disaster.; a disaster one writer saw 25 years ago.   

What is new about illegal immigration into the U.S. is the make-up of many of those crossing illegally into America. The most recent waves of illegal immigrants differ from others in that Russia and China are playing a role in prompting the latest waves. The recent increase in Chinese, African and Middle Eastern immigrants begs the question: who is assisting them in their long and expensive journeys?  The answer to that question should be obvious. Russia is motivated to financially support immigrants from Africa and the Middle East because it knows how illegal immigration is dividing the southern states from northern states and an influx of black and muslim immigrants will only fan the flames of hatred in the border states at a time when hatred abounds in America. As for the Chinese immigrants, most may be seeking a better life but for sure some of them are here to aid and abet the tens of thousands of Chinese agents who have already infiltrated American society over the past 25 years. From Google to the Department of Defense, Chinese agents are hard at work eroding our national security and damaging our corporations and yet the career politician does nothing. Sound familiar?   

The fact that the news media isn’t reporting this critical development is due in part to the fact that local newspapers have been decimated by Private Equity and the journalists who reported on local events have been sent packing. There is no one left to report where these Chinese or Congolese immigrants traveled to after they are released by the U.S.  Customs and Border Protection. Sadly, the American people will never know how many of these illegal immigrants have come to America to pursue a life of crime or to obtain a better life through hard work just as they will also never know how many came to degrade our national defense and erode our ever diminishing unity. 

What is even sadder is that the American people seem incapable of understanding that career politicians on both sides of the aisle will never fix our broken immigration system because it is just another tool used by them to keep us divided and themselves re-elected. What the American people need to understand is that this dangerous wave of new immigrants was envisioned in a book written 25 years ago. Chapter 2 of Walking In Your Footsteps contains a passage that clearly demonstrates someone saw not just what was happening in 1999, but also what would happen if the status quo remain unchanged:  

“Since the federal government is expressly authorized by the U.S. Constitution to regulate immigration, it must be the only government entity regulating immigration. Immigration is a perfect example of an area of our national existence that transcends the individual state. Nevertheless, the reasons our existing policy ignores this reality is that special interests and the politicians who take their money use immigration to serve their own political agendas. Why else would President Clinton pardon terrorists that not only advocate the use of violence against the United States but also practice it? Why else would our elected officials continue to leave America’s borders unsecured? Illegal immigration benefits both political parties and I defy anyone to prove me wrong.

The federal agency tasked with regulating immigration is the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). The INS is responsible for processing legal immigrants into the United States. Illegal immigration was recognized as a law enforcement matter. The fact that INS has enough to do handling legal immigration is proof positive that it cannot address the problem of illegal immigration. Besides, illegal immigration is as much a national security problem as it is an issue affecting our national welfare

The United States Custom Service (Customs) is currently responsible for securing our borders from those wishing to enter illegally. The primary responsibility of Customs is to make sure those wishing to sell their goods in the United States pay the requisite taxes and fees. Instead of focusing on their stated missions, we find the INS and Customs combating illegal immigration at the expense of performing their primary functions. Just as our federal judges have been forced to abandon their primary function to become drug judges, INS and Customs have been forced to abandon their primary mission to become law enforcement agents. This inefficient response to a national problem is a perfect illustration of how a bloated and inefficient central government can lose sight of its stated mission.

This failure to achieve the mission of securing our borders is not the fault of the INS or Customs personnel in the field. These people are, by and large, honest, hard-working Americans trying to make a living. The problem is that far too many of these men and women sit in Washington D.C. counting their vacation days while the personnel in the field lack the resources to get the job done. These highly priced bureaucrats and the career politicians they serve have long ago destroyed the ability of the federal government to get the job done.

The United States Commission on Immigration Reform (Commission) issued a report recommending a solution to illegal immigration. The report recommended that a new federal agency be created within the Department of Justice to address illegal immigration. This new agency would be tasked with handling all law enforcement issues pertaining to illegal immigration. Like the bureaucrats they are, the Commission’s answer to the problem of illegal immigration was to create a new layer of federal bureaucracy. However, their recommended solution, i.e. more government, proved too difficult to implement during a time when the American people were demanding less government.

The next best solution proffered by the venerable Commission is another time-tested option so often utilized by the federal government: pay a consultant to further review the problem. To this end, the Attorney General and the Director of the INS hired two contractors, Booze Hamilton to investigate the Commission’s findings and Price Waterhouse to develop a strategy for fixing the problem. I cannot wait for the Department of Justice to hire a third contractor to investigate the investigators after the public demands accountability for the taxpayer dollars spent in such a futile effort as to explain the obvious: INS and Customs cannot stop illegal immigration despite its absolute monopoly in this area, the inadequacies of the INS are painfully obvious. And for those still unconvinced of the federal government’s failure, in 1998, the Commission concluded that no single agency within the federal government could simultaneously perform the tasks of service provider (immigration application/ visa processing) and law enforcement (preventing illegal immigration).

What then is the solution that will secure our borders and promote national security? The solution is the U.S. Army. Instead of patrolling streets all over the world, we can bring these men and women home to defend our nation from an enemy attack that is sure to come. Unfortunately, the U.S. Army is stretched far too thin to undertake such a mission. Even if career politicians agreed to allow the U.S. Army to deploy along our borders, the special interests that manipulate the federal government would put a stop to it. We must never forget that illegal immigration fills the pockets of those in Washington D.C. and no amount of spin will change that fact.”