Shutdown 2023

The Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23) federal shutdown edition of The Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter is dedicated to the children of America who are growing into adulthood believing other Americans are their enemies. These impressionable young minds are not only inheriting a world changing by the season, they must also face the online world alone. They are overwhelmed like no generation before them and it is for this reason that those who read what is true about the world must act on behalf of those who trust others to tell them what is true about the world. Otherwise we will have to live with knowing that those who fought and died defending the U.S. Constitution will have done so in vain because we failed to act when it was clear no one else would or could.  

The Sensible Majority

One-hundred and sixty (160) years ago the future of the Union, a.k.a. the United States of America, was in serious doubt. In the summer of 1863, the Confederate States of America’s most lethal force under the command of its most competent commander marched into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with the goal of achieving victory on the battlefield. General Lee did not expect to defeat Union forces in one battle or even in a long war. On the contrary, he hoped and prayed that a decisive victory in the north would force the Union President to succumb to the pressure by so many in his own party to end the war. Marse Robert’s plan to end the war almost succeeded. 

This article poses a question every sensible American should be asking other sensible Americans as we watch the media circus commonly known as the countdown to shutdown. The question we need to be asking one another is whether the Union is in greater jeopardy today than it was 160 years ago? This sensible Veteran responds with an emphatic yes!  Although our present day civil war between red and blue states does not involve armies engaging armies with tens of thousands killed in action, this self-imposed culture war is not only working to severely degrade our ability to defend our country against enemies who have been attacking us for years, it is also preventing any hope of solving the serious domestic problems destroying the quality of life for the overwhelming majority of Americans. 

The reality of September 2023 is that our enemies continue to influence our elections, bribe our elected officials, infiltrate our corporations to steal valuable technology, hack utility companies, hospitals, and schools to secure ransoms, undermine our allies’ ability to respond to direct threats, and continue to turn our service members into traitors. Despite these constant attacks, the fringe elements of both parties offer nothing to stop Chinese aggression, Russia brutality, Iran’s continued development of its missile and drone programs, and North Korea’s commitment to develop the technology necessary to deliver a nuclear weapon to the US mainland. One fringe element knows how to ban books, harass the transgender community and obstruct the election process while the other fringe has successfully squashed free speech on all universities, made pro-choice a sin while maintaining a religious belief that government is the answer to all society’s problems. Addressing the myriad of problems degrading life for so many in America is not something fringe elements do.  Compromise and intelligent debate are the antithesis of the movement to promote the former fake President of the United States. What confounds this Veteran is why so many sensible Americans do not see it! 

As Americans celebrated Labor Day 2023 a few weeks ago, they did so hearing news of pending strikes by US autoworkers. What no one heard was talk about the tremendous progress made through political and social compromise in the auto industry over the past 100 years. For over a century, elected officials knew the value of political compromise because that is how things got done. Today, things do not get done. No laws are passed to address crises like illegal immigration because politicians and their donors know that compromises would be required to pass such legislation and most importantly that no one in Washington D.C. is willing to compromise.   

As every sensible American contemplates his or her role in saving our Republic, this sensible America offers a novel idea. Why not create a new political movement that is not based on the tired old slogans of the left and right? Why not create an organization that builds its core constituency around Veterans, active and reserve members of the armed forces, the National Guard, their families and friends? Why not create an organization to recruit, educate and train other sensible Americans to join an effort to eradicate the career politician from American life? Why not create an organization that supports Independent candidates who understand law and order and protecting human rights are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, let these words be a call to action to the sensible majority in America that it is time to root out the cancer that is bankrupting our nation, paralyzing our government and dividing us for the sake of political expediency. Failure to do so is not an option. 

With Extreme Prejudice  

She goes by many names. Gaia, Terra Mater and to Hindus, Prithvi, the Vast One. To many in the English speaking world she is Earth. The giver of life and the one who nourishes our souls merely by being in her presence. Her waters heal our bodies and in return we desecrate her rivers, oceans and endanger all life upon her including our own.  

The first message of this article is that our species’ horrific treatment of this planet will eventually be met with a response that is beyond Homo Sapien’s capacity to survive. Eventually, we will be added to the list of species that have gone extinct from this earth. What is really frightening is that we may have already done irreparable damage to Gaia with no hope for the future and we just don’t know it yet. The next few years may expose a truth that many fear. That truth being Homo Sapien is fast approaching the end of the line of a species that had long ago worn out its welcome. 

The second message is that the above realization is motivating countless young minds around the world to contemplate a new approach to saving the planet. Many young and a few old minds are realizing that saving our planet cannot be trusted to the same career politicians who today are putting on a circus while our fiscal house burns. Moreover, many of these non-violent citizens of the world are discarding the twin notions that government is the path to saving our environment and that peaceful means to accomplish that end is the only solution. On the contrary, many are beginning to accept the idea that real change only comes through action that often involves great sacrifice. Once they conclude that sacrifices must be made, the question then becomes how great a sacrifice does Mother Earth deserve.   

As these citizen warriors organize and plan to defend Gaia, they will look to men and women who changed the world. What they will find are examples of courage and sacrifice present whenever any meaningful change comes to society. What motivated Suffragettes sacrificed to secure the right to vote for half the population will provide them an idea of what awaits them in their campaign to defend earth. Even knowing what awaits them as they wage war in defense of this planet, the few who lead this movement will not shy away from what needs to be done just as America’s Suffragettes did not shy away from sacrificing themselves in their war to change the status quo. 

Men and women who do take up the call to save Gaia, they will do so remembering that a man from Brooklyn did not shy away from a level of sacrifice he believed was necessary to call us to action. Many pacifists and one former soldier of Christ were so shaken by what this one man did in a park in April 2016 that they are today re-thinking their notions of what is right and what is wrong.  If you are unaware of what happened that day do not worry. The next generation of environmental activists will know what happened. In fact, that day may become a day where motivated environmentals will come together to strike fear into the hearts of those who ravage Earth because they know it is the only hope for the future.   

To those romantics and traditionalists who doubt that violence is often required to affect real and permanent change in our world, this article provides some food for thought. Following the murder of George Flyod in May 2020, men and women of all colors, faiths, creeds and political persuasions took to the streets with their children, many just teenagers, to demand change. They risked being abused, arrested and/or subjected to violence from the far-right in and out of uniform. In the initial months following that murder, Americans marched in protest arm-in-arm across the country demanding change while many other Americans vandalized private property, stole private property and burned or damaged public property to show their anger and frustration. Americans had had enough of  law enforcement getting a pass on gratuitous violence and wanton killings. The result of those street protests and semi-organized violence/hooliganism was the criminal prosecution, conviction and imprisonment of the men who murdered George Flyod.  Of course the video of his murder would have gotten plea deals and short prison sentences for the responding officers, but that would have been the extent of accountability if that police station had not been torched and countless businesses not ransacked. That violence is what made those criminal trials a reality and no amount of spin can change that fact.

Happy Birthday George

The February 22, 2023 edition of The Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter is dedicated to the memory of President George Washington. A slave owner, an officer (Colonel) of a foreign power, an opportunist and a man among boys, General Washington created an army that not only defeated the world’s preeminent superpower, but would some sixty-five years after his death free a people from bondage in the republic he created.

President Washishington also gave birth to the idea that in a republic the peaceful transfer of power from a sitting president to the president-elect must occur as required by the law. And if he were alive today, this Veteran believes his first two actions would be 1) to begin organizing the Second Continental Army and 2) to place a cell phone call to his old friend Anthony Wayne and order him to find the former fake President of the United States and arrest him.

A Dying Nation

Why Are So Many Americans Dying by David Wallace-Wells appeared in the 2 February 2023 digital edition of The New York Times (NYTimes). Mr. Wallace-Wells is an Opinion writer for NYTimes as well as a best-selling author who writes about three of the major issues facing humanity: climate change, technology and how a changing world is changing us. His latest effort to educate us on what is happening in America addresses an issue that is having a profound effect on our nation. The issue can be summed up in a single term: excess mortality. Simply put, excess mortality means the difference between the observed number of deaths during any specific time period and the expected number of deaths during the same period.

According to Mr. Wallace-Wells, the method used to compute excess mortality is to first combine historical and demographic trends to estimate “expected” deaths in a population and then use this figure as a baseline to measure what he refers to as “surprises” such as an unusually deadly flu season or a novel coronavirus that kills millions. The result of this computation is the number of excess deaths. 

Mr. Wallace-Wells writes despite the fact that Covid-19 has been responsible for a large percentage of the “excess mortality” since 2020, there are other causes that have contributed to this excess mortality. Mr. Wallace-Wells has coined a term to describe this gap as our “excess, excess” mortality. He argues that although this excess, excess mortality can be attributed in large part to Covid-19, a large percentage of the total can be “chalked up” to other causes. This article is about one of those causes and how it cannot be measured by any scientific analysis.

Mr. Wallace-Wells offers three very cogent arguments for what is driving this “excess, excess” mortality. First, he argues that delayed care due to the pandemic may be the reason for this excess, excess mortality. Second, he argues that the secondary effects of the pandemic such as isolation, depression, alcohol/drug abuse, homicide and suicide might attribute to this excess, excess mortality. Third, he argues that the long term effect of the disease can take its toll on major organs thus leading to an increase in heart attacks, respiratory failure, etc., etc. Yet despite these logical conclusions, Mr. Wallace-Wells concedes that there isn’t medical or scientific consensus about what is driving these surprise “excess, excess” deaths. That is because the explanation does not lie in the scientific method. It lies elsewhere.

One major cause of these excess, excess deaths is the abandonment of hope. The effect on the mind and body when one abandons hope is incalculable and cannot be measured by any medical exam or test. It exacerbates every illness and ailment while magnifying even the mildest forms of depression. It reinforces doubt about oneself while adding to the feeling that we can no longer change our lives and the world for the better. The abandonment of hope is like a malignant tumor; it spreads to every aspect of our being until the desire to live is gone. The great American and soldier of Christ Billy Graham once said “Perhaps the greatest psychological, medical and spiritual need that all people have is hope.” Truer words have never been spoken.

It is only logical that the reader ask how it is that this Veteran knows so much about the abandonment of hope. The answer is simple. This Veteran has suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of childhood trauma and did in fact abandon hope before he could vote. As an officer in the United States Army, he was ordered to do things he would never have done but for service to his country causing him to again relive the trauma of his youth. At the age of 38, he became a self-appointed Soldier of Christ and struck down the enemies of Christ believing this would excise the demons that haunted him since childhood. What he learned was those battles only quenched his thirst for revenge.  At 52, he was stabbed in the back by someone he loved, causing wounds from decades past to reopen. However, by the grace of God, he was able to find peace with the help of a good Doctor and a good friend. So these words might only be the observations of one man, but they are words written by someone who knows both what it means to abandon hope and the devastating effect it has on us. 

When one looks across this ailing country, it is clear that tens of millions of Americans have abandoned hope. Many have discarded their dreams for the future for the pleasures of the moment. While others seek a way out of the never-ending sadness that comes when hope is lost. Hope has vanished for so many Americans and the despair that follows is killing us just as surely as Covid-19, heart disease, cancer, Fentanyl, homicide, suicide or the bullet fired from the legally purchased firearm of the next psychotic male. 

A Little Less Conversation

Euclid’s Axiom 5 states the whole is greater than the part. We know this universal truth to be true because it makes sense. We can understand that the entirety of something is greater than a part of that same thing. We do not need to know who Eueklides was or what the Axioms of Euclidean Plane Geometry are to appreciate this fact of life. There is another axiom of life that needs no further explanation. This universal truth is that talk is cheap and action priceless.

Talk is cheap because talk alone never accomplished anything. Talk may inspire action or change but alone talk does not change the status quo. This was a universal truth that Americans understood for over two centuries. Yet in America 2023, talk is no longer cheap. Talk finds those who profit from dividing us paid millions to deliver hate and lies in the form of disinformation. A weasel from FOX News is perhaps the poster child for this betrayal of those journalists who sacrificed their lives to bring us the truth. MSNBC has one as well.

In America, talk has not only become very profitable but it has become synonymous with action. The career politicians have convinced Americans that words equate to action and as such there is no need to change the channel on your television, log off your computer or silence your cell phone in order to make a difference in the world. Take for example the woke warriors of the sanctimonious left who spew forth ignorance believing that their enlightened tweets equate to marching in the streets of Birmingham, AL in 1965. Even more disgusting is the cowardice of the reprehensible right’s trolls who believe sending hateful and terrifying messages to innocent people is the same as serving in uniform. Cowards one and all.

What makes these lemmings so dangerous is that they and so many others in America believe change can come about with words; words filled with hate, lies and ignorance. They believe that slogans like Make America Great Again and Betting on America are enough to bring about change. Just the other day, the latest career politician to declare a bid to be president could not stop spouting off sheer nonsense in her speech. It was nonsense because no intelligent person believes she can turn those campaign promises into reality. What this Veteran wants to know is if what she was promising was misinformation or disinformation. Does she really believe she can keep those promises or does she know she cannot but wants the American people to think she can.

What is disconcerting if not unexpected is the recent revelation that Fox News executives knew the “Stop the Steal” movement was based upon a lie but continued to assure so many conservatives that the election was in fact stolen. In a real republic, where the rule of law means something, these men and women would stand trial for conspiracy to incite insurrection, not that they had the courage to actually wage one.

The American Revolution was made possible by men and women who knew the time for talking about independence had come to an end. Thomas Paine was one of them. The American Civil War came about because men and women of conscience knew that talking about the end of slavery had come to an end. Harriet Tubman was one of them. The Third American Revolution, where the career politician is expunged from political life and a Second Constitutional Convention convened in order to return the federal government to the people it was created to serve, will not come about through malicious tweets or well-intentioned texts. Words are what keep the status quo alive. Action is what will change it.

With that in mind, it is with the utmost urgency that the message of this article reaches every Veteran and each servicemember. America is a dying nation and the proof is all around us. Therefore, we must unite as a single political force. It will be our mission to recruit others to our cause while never forgetting that General Washington had only about 25% of the population behind him. We shall garner more support than that and with the help of God we shall win the day.      

Happy New Year

The January 28, 2023 edition of The Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Paine (1737-1809). Author of Common Sense and a soldier in General Washington’s army, he was an inspiration to many who joined the struggle to create a new nation. He wanted his nation to be an “asylum for mankind” and was ready to sacrifice his life to make it so. Unfortunately, the nation he helped create is no longer a nation of responsible citizens united for a common purpose. It has become a nation of men and women who refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions let alone those of their elected officials and no better proof exists than the election of House of Representatives member George Santos. This pathological liar and borderline simpleton is the new Thomas Paine. How pathetic. How American. 

The Spoon Feeding of Americans 

On January 6, 2023, Abigail Zwerner, a Virginia teacher, was in the middle of a lesson in her first-grade classroom when a 6 year-old boy pulled out a gun, aimed it at her, and fired. The teacher, 25 years young, was rushed to the hospital but only after she secured the classroom and made sure the children, including the shooter, were safe. Bravo Ms. Zwerner. You epitomize everything that is good in America. 

On January 2, 2023, a multi-millionaire about the same age as Ms. Zwerner suffered a heart attack while on the job. He was lucky that the very best medical care imaginable was at his worksite. Medical professionals were able to render life-saving first aid and he was transported to a local hospital where he was again provided the best medical care in the world.  

These two events present an excellent example of how the mass media has turned America into a country where the elites and those who serve them determine what Americans think is important. By spoon feeding Americans what they should believe is important, they can divert attention away from what is really important. Health care, failing schools, crushing debt and the widening gap between the rich and the poor are what is important, not the recovery of a multi-millionaire from an on the job injury. The emotional outpouring for the multi-millionaire with the finest medical care in the world was nothing short of ridiculous. Some in the media even hyped this outpouring of sympathy as the beginning of the process to unite Americans. Only the gullible and the ignorant would believe such hyperbole. 

To watch the media fall over each other to report on this tragic event, the heart-attack not the shooting, made this Veteran sick. Constant updates as to his condition and the reports of how great a man he was for buying toys for kids was too much. If buying toys for kids is what counts for greatness in America we are all in trouble. Wait. We are all in trouble because 6 year-olds are going to school armed with a weapon they clearly knew how to use and school administrators could not find despite searching him for a weapon.   

It is not the intention of this article to cast this athlete in a negative light. He may indeed be a good man who cares about children but kids shooting teachers and America’s failed education system should have been the stories the media ran repeatedly this month. Unfortunately, we know those are stories the media only reports in passing because there are no solutions to those problems in America 2023. Real solutions require compromise and that is something the career politician and those they serve cannot afford to do.

A Dangerous Time  

The Chinese government (President Xi) recently reversed the three year-old policy referred to as zero covid. This about face has shocked many around the world and for good reason. The question is why did he change course when according to him, his policy had been such a success. There must be a reason. The article offers one possible reason. 

Despite his assertions of success, the economic and social impacts of his zero covid policy have not only brought China civil unrest unlike anything seen since the June Fourth Incident, it has pushed President Xi into a corner economically and politically. As such, this failed zero covid policy may be forcing him to alter his time table for bringing Taiwan into the fold. 

We know the Chinese economy is not just critical to the world economy, but absolutely critical to the Chinese government’s military buildup and its plans for Asian domination. It only follows that any economic downturn, like the one predicted for China in 2023 and beyond, will impact President Xi’s plans to continue the rapid build-up of China’s military. According to Zhang Yesui, former Chinese Ambassador to the United States:

 “Maintaining a proper and steady increase in defense spending is needed to safeguard our sovereignty and development interests, fulfill China’s international responsibility and obligations, and promote the transformation of the Chinese military with Chinese characteristics”

The above quote from the former Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. provides a glimpse into President Xi’s mind. If President Xi believes that serious economic problems await the Chinese economy following the lifting of his zero covid policy, he may feel the window of opportunity to take control of Taiwan is closing and urgent action is required. Moreover, if President Xi wants the resources that Taiwan offers China while denying it to the West (America), he may believe the time to act is now. 

We must assume that President Xi knew in late 2021 that the lifting of the zero covid policy was inevitable and that serious economic consequences would follow. If this was the conclusion he came to in late 2021, it might explain another development in world affairs. The development in question is President Putin’s decision to invade the whole of Ukraine in February 2022.  

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014 was limited to a very finite area of Ukraine. What President Putin did not do until 2022 was move to take the whole of Ukraine. The question is why. 

This article asserts that it was only after President Xi assured him of China’s continued support both financially and militarily that President Putin launched his invasion in February 2022. This article also asserts that it was President Xi who approved the invasion because President Xi needed America to commit to Ukraine while he initiated his campaign to bring Taiwan into the Chinese fold. 

Assuming that the U.S. continues shouldering the burden of supplying Ukraine with the material it desperately needs to defend its territory, the question then becomes will that commitment diminish America’s ability to respond to a Chinese move against. The answer may lie in what we already know about Presidents Xi and Putin as well as what is happening in America.  

First, Presidents Xi and Putin knew that President Biden would divert military resources from America’s stocks to aid Ukraine in early 2022. They knew he would because it was the right thing to do from a national security perspective. Second, Presidents Xi and Putin knew that the Republican Party would use President Biden’s decision to aid Ukraine to sow discontent among Americans because they know that is what career politicians do. Third, Presidents Xi and Putin knew that America has a growing fiscal crisis that will pose serious internal and external problems for the U.S. going forward.  Fourth, and most significant of all, Presidents Xi and Putin know how difficult a time the Army is having in recruiting young Americans. Of all the morsels of truth cited above only one keeps this Veteran up at night. It is also a truth that makes this time a dangerous time for us all.  

Merry Christmas

The Christmas 2022 edition of The Status Quo: An Electronic Newsletter is dedicated to America’s health care workers. They are being asked for a fourth straight year to sacrifice for the good of the nation. Yet profiteers will exploit their good nature and push them to exhaustion. They will hear how much a  grateful nation appreciates their sacrifices but will come to know that counts for nothing. They will also learn they are as disposable as the soldier. How else can one explain the fact that thousands of Americans are today denying health care workers rental applications because property managers know that no one wants an Emergency Room nurse living near them.  

Spotlight on America 

The recent report by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office once again proves the depth of the cruelty  and the degree of culpability of Catholic leaders in the systematic rape of young boys. Despite the Herculean efforts of the Missing Angels Legal Fund Inc.’s volunteers some 20 years ago, the Catholic Church continues to hide pedophiles while the American people continue to look the other way. In fact, the demand to hold accountable priests who raped boys pales in comparison to the demands of the  American people that gas prices be lowered by any means necessary.  

After a New Report on Clerical Sexual Abuse, Alleged Victims Need Justice appeared in The Washington  Post, November 18, 2022 digital edition. As if to remind us that we, as a nation, have abandoned His little ones, the article sums up a history of abuse just in Maryland that should bring shame to the people of Maryland. Also appearing in another daily paper was the Vatican’s announcement of its new policy of ethical investing. Catholic Church Issues Guidelines on Ethical Investing appeared in The New York Times a week later and was spiritually uplifting. To know how serious the Vatican now takes ethical investing must  help the lucky Catholics sleep better at night. Not sure if it helps the countless unlucky Catholics who cannot forget the pain of being anally sodomized as a boy.

As cruel as the Catholic Church’s efforts are to shield pedophiles from law enforcement, it is the abject failure of our governments to put Catholic priests in prison that is the real tragedy. Pedophiles and practicing homosexuals within the priesthood will always protect each other. It is the American criminal justice system that is to blame. It is so rotten and corruption so pervasive that if a child rapist has sufficeint funds or support in high and holy places, he can get away with raping two or three boys before he can expect the impotent system of justice to take action. In fact, the catastrophe at Uvalde, TX this year was just a glimpse into the epic failure of the American people to protect His little ones. We all failed in  Uvalde, TX. Only His little ones are blameless.  

Despite this national shame, there were men and women who did not let the love of money and  indifference dictate their actions. In fact, almost two years before reporters from The Boston Globe decided to take seriously a Boston attorney who was using the civil system to expose pedophiles and  hold the Cathloic Church accountable, a few Christians in Michgian were listening to a Detroit attorney who was using the civil system and the world wide web to expose and hold accountable Catholic leaders for ensuring that men who raped boys could continue to do so unabated. Only in Detroit, accountability  meant something different. Something more.  

Cardinals Szoka and Maida, Bishops Kevin Britt and Thomas Gumbleton and many parish priests across Michigan will not soon forget the Missing Angels Legal Fund, Inc.’s volunteers preaching the gospel according to Jesus Christ during their masses. Nor will they soon forget learning of the Status Quo’s  existence and then meeting him in the flesh. Yet those memories pale in comparison to the reaction of  Michigan Catholics when on Easter Sunday twenty years ago they learned how many pedophiles Cardinal Szoka and Bishop Britt protected to the point of obstructing justice. And if that was not enough, the Status Quo would also tell them of the 30 year sexual relationship they carried on with each other while protecting countless pedophiles and sacrificing His little ones.  

What then does this trip down memory lane have to do with life in America on the day Christians  celebrate the birth of the Messiah. Like so many other articles posted on Christmas and in His honor, this article is a warning to the American people of what will happen if the status quo remains unchanged. Since it is clear the American people have abandoned their children just as they abandoned  their Veterans, their elderly and more recently their health care workers, it is imperative Americans of all political persuasions understand that the abandonment of those who sacrifice for the common good will bring an end to this American experiment faster than any Chinese biological attack.  

So as Americans ponder the state of affairs in their country this Christmas, they can do so knowing that  the future of their country is bleak. Our national leaders have failed to lead for decades and we turn a blind eye to $31 trillion of debt. Our local governments have failed to protect our children for decades and we turn a blind eye hoping the next school shooting will not be in our child’s school. We can no longer turn a blind eye. We, as citizens of the greatest republic in history, can reject the sickening choices career politicians give us. Force 10 year old rape victims to carry the child to term to show how much Republicans love children or extract the fetus’ brain tissue so a well-funded laboratory can create  miracle cures for Democratic elites is the choice they feed us and it must stop. Let this native Detroiter,  child abuse survivor, lawyer, former Army Officer and serving soldier of Christ be the guiding light to  those tired of turning a blind eye. There is a way forward. Just follow me.  

Spotlight on Israel  

Mazel Tov to the new Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Although not new to politics or to the  job, Prime Minister Netanyahu is perhaps the most accomplished politician living today. Presidents Xi and Putin may be consummate politicians, but they are not operating in a free society. Prime Minister Netanyahu is operating within a free and democratic society at least for the moment.  

Despite this Newsletter’s past criticisms of the Prime Minister, especially the sharp words directed at  him during the Second Intifada, this article is not about criticizing Prime Minister Netanyahu’s decisions  or his party’s policies. This article is about convincing Israel’s new leader that if and when he decides to  order the airstrikes on Iran’s major uranium enrichment facilities and missile production sites that he will consider adding six (6) additional targets to the mission. In an effort to help the Prime Minister as he again navigates the dangerous neighborhood in which his country resides, this Christian wants him to know that an opportunity exists to send a clear and  unambiguous message to Christians that Israel stands with them in their efforts to stop genocide and  end the pain and suffering of Iranian girls. This opportunity should not be dismissed out-of-hand as the idea of a delusional American. It is an opportunity for Israel to lead the way in not only condemning genocide but confronting it with force. Kiev’s cries for help this Christmas most assuredly sound like those that emanated from Warsaw on Hanukkah in 1942. 

To the author, it is only a matter of time before Israel is left with no choice but to strike Iran’s uranium enrichment installations. When men who murder girls for how they wear their hair are allowed to  possess the nuclear capability to strike nations whose leaders have cursed for 50 years, the time to act cannot be passed on to other politicians. The world’s liberal elites have lost the stomach for action. They see these heretics as people that can be trusted. What they do not see is that these men present a clear and present danger to humanity and as such must be stopped now. Later is simply not an option.  

Since it is already a matter of national pride that Israel aids Ukraine, it is only logical that Israelis will  support doing what needs to be done to stop the flow of missiles and drones to Russia. As such, this Christian and longtime supporter of Israel requests that six (6) locations in and around Tehran be added  to this ‘mother of all’ airstrikes to paraphrase another monster silenced by the sword. As for the locations, they house the core of Iran’s hardline religious leaders. The same leaders who preach death to  Israel while rewarding those who brutalize His little ones.  

With respect to Russia’s crimes in Ukraine, Russia Trafficks in Ukrainian Children by Nicolas Kristoff  appeared in the 23 November 2022 digital edition of The New York Times is a searing indictment of the  Russian leader, government and many of its people. Unfortunately, many Americans believe what is  happening in Ukraine has nothing to do with America. These social media warriors just don’t see the  value in supporting Ukraine. These are the same fools who don’t see the value of vaccines, the rule of  law and common decency. Therefore, it must be Israel that fires the first shot if only because decisions  are being made now that will affect the global economy in ways no central banker can imagine or career politician can understand. There is however one democratic politician who might understand what is at stake. There might be one democratic politician who understands what must be done to stop two evil  regimes. This same politician might realize that the stakes are so high that sending a message to those  suffering in Iran and Ukraine might just pay dividends when the Middle East is turned upside down and Christians are once again ordered to the MIddle East to fight and die.  

Happy Hanukkah Prime Minister. We wish you luck.  

November 11

 The November 11, 2022 edition of The Status Quo: An Electric Newsletter is dedicated to the misguided and confused Veterans who continue to support the former fake President of the United States in his campaign to destroy the U.S. Constitution. It appears they have forgotten their oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies. It seems they have also forgotten that this promise does not end when one takes off the uniform or chooses to abandon that oath in the name of political expediency. The promise made them a part of something bigger than ourselves and more important than our own lives if called to sacrifice that life. They have not only betrayed their country, but they have also betrayed those with whom they have served.

Thou Shalt Kill

For many years it confounded this Veteran why so many Americans hated other Americans for no discernable reason other than holding different political views. I read and listened to the experts on voter trends, polls, etc. describe the phenomenon. I listened to the talking heads on network and cable news as they reported on the growing anger and violence leveled against Americans by Americans due to party affiliation. It simply defied belief that in a country where politics, politicians and governments have failed the American people so consistently and for so long that so many Americans could hate other Americans solely for holding different political opinions. It was only during the Pandemic that I realized why Americans are turning on themselves.

The career politician has so manipulated the fringe elements of their respective tribes that they are able to turn Americans upon each other in the name of re-election. In short, they have bottled hatred and are selling it to both fringes as the cure-all for what ails America. They convince the gullible and uninformed that the other party is destroying their idea of America and then fan the flames of hatred to create a nation divided by the fringe elements of two corrupt political parties operating in a corrupt political process.
What is ironic is that the fringes of the two parties were once only a small minority in each party. The career politicians, hand-in-hand with the national media, have transformed the “lunatic left” and the “reprehensible right” into the mainstream. In doing so, they have placed us all in danger. As we watch the number of mentally disturbed young males attack schools, churches and supermarkets. we see just how sick many in our society have become. As we watch the former fake President of the United States promote violence by urging his Trumpettes to harm other Americans, we see just how sick our politics have become.

We cannot dispute that our national politics provides the world with a glimpse into our national life. We also cannot dispute that this glimpse paints an ugly picture. Likewise, we cannot dispute that America is producing more and more young men like Adam Lanza and Salvador Ramos everyday. As such, Americans must understand that in the coming years we are going to find more young males willing to kill dozens of innocent Americans because they believe it is the only option left to be heard. They hear the hatred spewing from the mouths of our nation’s leaders and will come to embrace that hatred within themselves. These angry and confused young men, some not even 18, will embrace hatred and violence as if it were a new religion just as they will see a degenerate like the former fake President of the United States as a role model for a new cowardly America.

During the Pandemic the number of young people suffering from anxiety and/or clinical depression skyrocketed. In 2020 for example, an estimated 4.1 % of adolescents aged 12-17 had at least one major depressive episode. This is the fertile ground from which tomorrow’s killers will grow. This combined with the disturbing facts about these males’ lives makes for a wave of mass shootings that even Americans cannot imagine. Today’s shootings will not be like those coming tomorrow just as the men from yesterday are not like the men of today. Young men today are very different from the men of the previous generations. Today’s males work less. They have less sex. They have fewer commitments. They are more likely to find their entertainment alone in their basements. Many shun socializing with their peers. Many of them think that a tersely worded tweet is the same as confronting wrongdoing. They judge others they do not know based solely on information from sources they do not know are telling the truth because we all know that it’s easier to hate than to learn.

The evidence supports the assertion regarding the ticking time bombs walking our streets. However, the reader is encouraged to search for themselves any information on the number of mentally unstable young males currently walking our streets so they understand when the new American male is raised in the ethos of the “social media” warrior and befriend others like him on-line the end result will be the massacre of more and more innocents. And if you think law enforcement is going to stop them, I encourage you to Google massacre in Uvalde. The legacy of Uvalde, TX is not that America is producing sicker and sicker young men. We know this already. The legacy of Uvalde is that law enforcement is impotent to stop them even when the shooter is in the next room killing children!

Jesus of the Disinherited

When this Newsletter was first posted 22 years ago, a Veteran had a dream of convincing Americans to hate the career politician like the Veteran hates the pedophile. It was a dream that neer came to fruition. Maybe it never came to fruition because it was based on a false premise. Maybe Americans really do not hate pedophiles. Sure, Americans claim to hate pedophiles, serial rapists and cold-blooded murders but hating them proves nothing. Everyone hates them. But by hating their fellow citizens for their misguided and dangerous political opinions, they prove to themselves and their social media family and friends how perceptive they are in really understanding what will make America great again. The lazy and ignorant love to hate because it is quite a bit easier than sacrificing and compromising for the common good.

Hating Obama was a sport to many “white” Americans who knew nothing of the man. Likewise, the hate spewed forth by “smarter” Americans at George W. Bush was so disgusting that it appeared as if hating had become the new national pastime. Sorry George baseball is for sissies. Notwithstanding this dose of reality, we need not search long to see what it is these haters have in common. They all have one thing in common. They are as far from Jesus Christ as one can imagine. They are also the Americans responsible for destroying faith in our election process and freedom of speech in our schools. So in an effort to pass this Veterans Day in peace, this Veteran decided to return to the thing that had provided sanctuary for decades. Books were an escape and a journey for this former Army Officer and it seemed right to return to a book that proved too difficult for an angry and confused 19 year old. Howard Thurman’s Jesus of the Disinherited (“Jesus”) is a book beyond the reach of many Americans and that speaks volumes in itself.

An initial attempt to read Mr. Thurman’s seminal work on Jesus Christ was made in the early 1980s when this Veteran was an undergraduate at Wayne State University. Unfortunately, the book proved too much for an unprepared 19 year-old. Many of the words Mr. Thurman used as well as the ideas and concepts he addressed were very difficult to follow, let alone understand. Jesus is not for the breaking news devotte or the snapchat crowd. In fact, it can be asserted with confidence that his work is beyond the intellectual capabilities of the hordes of “social media warriors” who spread hate because it makes them feel good.

What makes Jesus such an incredible book is that it contains the single best description of who Jesus was and what He wanted to teach us. Mr. Thurman puts aside His birth and resurrection and looks at Jesus and the environment into which he grew to manhood. Mr. Thurman takes us through the realities of the life of Jesus in order to not only teach us who Jesus was but also how Jesus must have felt about the major issues of the day. Love and Hate being two of the most prominent issues addressed in Jesus and they are coincidentally the two most important issues facing Americans today. It is not inflation or immigration that threatens the Republic. It is those who seem incapable of living in peace with their neighbors that are tearing at the fabric of our democracy. Hatred is all the rage in America 2022.

Jesus is divided into 5 chapters beginning with Jesus – An Interpretation. Mr. Thurman introduces us to his Jesus. The author describes to the reader a man who lives under Roman rule, comparing Jesus’ life with that of Paul, a Roman. Jesus was a member of a lower-class devoid of the rights and privileges to which Romans enjoyed and that fact was an important in Jesus’ life as one of the disinherited. The author presents questions that require serious contemplation. One might be so inclined to pray for help in honestly confronting these issues and our lives. Mr. Thurman shows us Jesus confronting the issues that confronted HIm everyday; issues that coincidently are as relevant today as they were 2,000 years ago.

Yet what really sets Jesus apart from other works on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ is the four chapters that follow. These chapters are titled Fear, Deception, Hate and Love. Fear and Deception perfectly describe how these twin tools of oppression work to keep those who are oppressed in a state of oppression. It is within these two chapters of Jesus that we come to understand how and why Jesus is for the disinherited. Also within these two chapters we also come to understand His message is one for the disinherited. We are also taught that His teachings leave us, the inherited, with only one conclusion. We, the inherited, are the oppressors. We promote ourselves and our interests while caring little or nothing for the disinherited. We have collectively left them to our failing governments just as we have left the safety of our children in the hands of career politicians.

It is said that Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Love was his message and He commanded us to love God and one another before all else. We never stand taller or more clearly demonstrate our Christian values than when we help the poor and downtrodden. Whether we serve meals to the hungry, raise money for a women and childrens’ shelter, act as Foster Parents, adopt an abandoned or abused child or spread the gospel of tolerance and empathy as the path to a better world, the end result is a way of life that embraces the message of Jesus Chirst. Mr. Thurman would agree.

As impressionable as the four chapters described above were on this Veteran, it was the chapter on Hate that led to this article. Hate is a growing business in America and the future looks even more favorable for the spread of this disease. Make no mistake. Hate is a disease. It spreads like a virus and Mr. Thurman gives us an example of how it spreads. (See pages 67-68 of the Beacon Press Books paperbak edition, 1976). The story of his ride in the same coach as a white woman and her hatred for him did not surprise me. The eastside of Detroit in the 1970s was not a bastion of racial harmony. This Veteran and former soldier of Christ had witnessed enough acts of racial violence by the age of thirteen to last a lifetime. Exactly how that woman’s hatred could affect others in the train carriage made me realize how Alex Jones became so popular despite being just another hate monger from Texas whose lies, slander and perversions hurt real people. It is time all Americans, especially those who call Texas home, wake-up to the hatred within ourselves and all around us. It is destroying our country one hate filled word at a time.

Every American must understand that It will be hate and not wildfires, floods, hurricanes, tornados or superstorms that destroy our Republic. Heat waves will kill countless Americans in the coming years but hate will kill the hope of what America might one day become. Hate will kill the idea that so many Veterans have fought and died to defend. Hate will also kill the “can do” American spirit that has saved this nation in the past and instead replace it with the “don’t have to” spirit of the new American male. Hate will blind us to our true enemies as they work to divide us, enrage us and then push us beyond our limits of tolerance into open warfare. Maybe that is what it will take to force Veterans to understand that we have far more in common with each other than we do with the career politicians and the unhinged fringes of America that are destroying our nation.